Retirement time for me

I would also like to wish you the best in your retirement, and thank you for answering my phone calls thru the years. Especially when you helped me with changing my chain sprockets and installing the hold down kit.
best regards Benny

Well, Mr Maury. The very best to you. Retirement(which literally,thankfully, you’re not doing) is a beautiful thing. Enjoy doing what you love, on your own property & space. You helped me a couple of years ago. We were about to do an I.R.S. on a 69
F.H.C. That had 2 cracks that we previously welded in the cage. My friend who was going to rebuild it W/me as a helper said let’s go his friend who builds kit Cobras.He must have a cage. He did. But to me it looked a bit different. I asked the forum if there is a difference between the Series 1 & Series 2 cage. No answers! Someone stated: “Dick Maury will know”. You answered the question. It would require cutting to fit the brakes. Full stop for us… We returned the Series 1 cage & brought the original to a fabricator who builds my friend’s race cars. Now stronger than original. You saved us many hours of work to end W/an inferior product. Knowledge is the key, sir. And you have it & share it. Thanks. Love your Corvette, too. I sold a Nasau Blue ‘66 conv. W/a 327/350 h.p. to buy the E-type. Wish I could have kept both!
With greatest respect, thank you for helping all of us.
Michael Caro


Dick, thank you for all the help over the years and I am very pleased that you will continue on in this hobby if only in a limited capacity.
Kindest regards,

Well dang, I’m glad I was able to get your help in rebuilding my water pump. It was a real pleasure to speak with you during the process. Cheers!

I was speaking to a brake specialist the other day, he is 76 and came out of retirement to help his son out, as its apparently hard to find good workers, and “things have never been busier”

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Too much fuel and oil in your blood to be sitting around on a couch.
Again, congratulations and thank you for all the help and advice.
Good luck with your new chapter in life.

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Hey Dick, quit advertising…Your client waiting list is already too long… Just kidding of course. Hate to see Coventry West closing their doors, but very grateful that I live a short drive from your house. For people who have not had the chance to see Dick’s new garage, its very impressive…

Good for you, Dick. Retirement is all about freedom, but only if it means shedding some commitments and responsibilities that tie you down. May you enjoy a long and happy one.


Congratulations Dick on your retirement. Like everyone here I’m happy for you that you will be free to do more of what you want to and less of what you must do, but sorry to hear that I’ll have to find someone else to rebuild my tired engine. Enjoy retirement - you’ve earned it!

Oh, ugh, errr, thanks, Dick.
It’s getting really hard for me to climb the walls sideways at my age. But now I see it. :wink:

You’ve got to live somewhere you aren’t afraid to die.
Ukrainian poet Serhiy Zhadan

Dick, so glad I had you rebuild my engine. Now that you are joining us “retired” guys it will be hard to find a reliable place to replace CW. Best wishes to you and your family, now it is on to being a “hobbiest” instead of a commercial mechanic. Our hobby of keeping these vintage cars on the road is a noble cause but sometimes frustrating, glad we will still have you as a resource for advice.

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