Retorquing the cyl head after engine rebuild

I have always heard that this shiuld be done 3-4000 miles after a rebuild. True or not?
And why?
(I just did it on a Mk10, and thought I’d ask the forum)

Settling in any movement on the head gasket and threads I presume.

True, but I always did retorques after 500 miles.

I retorqued after 500 km and might do it again next spring. Could even be in the manuals?
The gasket „settles“, I don’t know about you but mine went a bit further so the gasket probably compressed after a few hot cold cycles (that should increase pressure on the gasket, aluminium head expanding).

Can we explore what ‘re torque’ entails?

Sure. Loosen headbolts one at a time, torque to spec, in sequence from the middle out.

I was just interested to hear if everyone realises you have to loosen first

With best regards
Philip Dobson