Retro looking CD player

Anyone know where I can get a retro looking CD player that looks decent in the E-type…not looking for a radio seeing as I refuse to cut a hole in the bodywork for the aerial. But of course if it was a radio with a CD player that would be great!

Did a search on this forum and found stuff from 2011 etc…folks back then weren’t having much luck.

I couldn’t find one that fit where the stock radio goes. Since my car was missing the radio console when I acquired it I made one that accepts a single DIN radio chassis and installed the least gaudy looking CD player I could find.

At one time, had retro radios that would fit.

I’ve got a couple of two shaft, FM/AM cassette radios, one with an AUX port, taking up space in the basement, but I’ve never seen a two shaft CD player. I think the CD diameter is a physical barrier to designing one to fit in a standard two shaft opening.

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check Hemmings catalog under “services” for retro radios. several listings. Here’s one in RI "instrument specialties " 401 267 0055

most say they will convert an old radio to modern state.

I would suggest an aux input and run your music off your phone, I will be investigating that when the time comes…hopefully

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Aren’t all CD Players retro looking?


Les, You’d do better with one of those RetroSound radios that has an exterior jack for an mp3 player. It’s super easy to convert your CDs to mp3 files so you don’t have to buy everything again.

I’m probably selling my retro sound stereo. Should be getting the car back with new setup tomorrow.

David, please PM me with info and price…tks.

Les, I fitted one from Retrosound. They have different face plates to suit your taste. It has jacks for MP3, USB and others. It also connects to Bluetooth so you can play tunes from you iPhone. BTW the push buttons on the front can store over 30 stations.


I’ll send details once I pickup my car and everything is back in hand. It’s the Long Beach with bezel and knobs:

I have a separate thread on my stereo stuff that I will update hopefully tomorrow.

It looks like it’s virtually impossible to find a simple CD player for the car, and that’s all I really need.

Given I don’t have, and don’t plan to have, an external radio aerial, I wonder if the commonplace XM type small car top aerial would work if mounted on top of the dash?

If you’re thinking 21st century, why don’t you simply stream via bluetooth from your cell phone? Pandora just uses about 50 mb of data an hour.


In the early days (ca 1985-90) cassette players were ubiquitous, and many manufacturers still fitted twin-shaft radios/cassettes. OEM and aftermarket remote CD players were the norm–in the boot. I used one for a while.

You load it with several CDs, and whilst driving that selection is all that is available. You need some sort of stereo FM radio to play it through. The connection can be an auxiliary input, or an RF modulator that you connect to the antenna input of the radio (with or without an antenna, so it would still work for you). You would be able to tune to only one FM “station,” the CD player in the boot. Just a thought, Les.

That’s what I do. Works a charm!

For whomever asked, yes, XM antennae work fine on the dash.


I’m sorry but they kept me stereo in the car as a placeholder, so I don’t have one for sale. Sorry!


I have two FM/AM cassette players collecting dust in the basement. The one on the left has digital channel readout. The one on the right has an alalog dial and an AUX input jack on the face. Would that one meet your needs?

i can understand your problem. I’ve been searching for an original CD player from the late 1960’s, and am having a terrible time!!

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That Dual cassette (with the aux input) is what I used - one of the last 2-shaft cassette players widely sold.

I like the sound - not a concert hall, just a loud car stereo.