Retrofitting Seatbelts MK2

I looked through the forum and found some recommendations on how to fit a three point seatbelt. Since this involves some work on a early 62/61 car, I wondered whether fitting an 2 point as an intermediate solution would work.
What was not clear to me, is whether one could just fit the seatbelt to the seat fixture.

Thanks a lot

I would say No.

The seats are fixed to the floor with four small bolts. These are not nearly strong enough to hold. I believe it would be better to drill holes in the floor and use strong anchors with huge, thick washers r retaining plates.


I was wondering if using 2-point airplane seatbelts would be reasonable. These are nice and detachable, so can be hidden/ stored when not required. Also I could reduce the number of holes drilled (8mm dia.)

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Hallo Jochen, if you search the forums a little I have posted the instructions for NOS Britax seat belts I had. Maybe you’ve seen these alreay. They might give you insight on how they were mounted. If you fit two point belts only as lap belts. Diagonal only belts are deadly. If you do fit belts I would only consider two points if it cuts the modifications by a lot, and if you end up fitting three point belts, static belts are a lot less comfortable. Aircraft belts are attractive but nice Britax or Kangol or Irvin belts are attractive also. Lesios can be removed with little effort, that would be best. TÜV did not care for my belts, they’re not mandatory but they should still be installed so they actually work, so plates and bolt strength per the standards.


I have a '63. I can provide some photos of the lap/sash belts in my car if that helps? Let me know.

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that would be appreciated, thanks

I have put the airplane style belts in my Mark 1 , they look OK and seem to function properly; however I haven’t crash-tested them yet and pray to God I never will !

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My 66 has 3-point belts, so it should be easy to retrofit them to a 62. The only difference is probably additional metal welded into the pillar for the upper mount. It will be covered by trim anyway. I’ve done this before on American cars and it’s easy if you have a welder (or a friend with one). I used belts like these, but I think you can get Jaguar-specific ones from SNGB. Chrome Lift Latch Retractable Shoulder Belt

Apologies - forgot to send these. The B pillar has a cover, so it looks a bit prettier than the photo.