Reverse Polarity BCM?

Good evening,
This is my first time posting I believer and I welcome any and all discussion regarding my issues :slightly_smiling_face: e:
A little while ago I noticed if you turn the key in my x300 to lock and hold it, rather than close the windows and sunroof, it opened them.
The memory system in my drivers seat has not worked for sometime, however in an unusual occurrence the other day I opened the drivers door and left it open as I put the key in which returned the seat to the memory position rather than retracting it.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Could it be there is something reversed in the BCM? Or preferably something more simple.

Thank you for your time.

If you UNLOCK the door and hold it, you should see the windows OPEN.
If you LOCK the door with the key and hold it, the windows should CLOSE.
(global Opening/Closing)

The AUTO/OFF switch on the column should disable the seat movement in the memory lock/unlock.

Good morning,
Yes thank you I am aware of that. What I’m saying is that it’s in reverse, if you unlock the door and hold it the windows CLOSE. If you lock the door and hold it the windows OPEN. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a switch somewhere which may be in reverse ??