Reversing alarm

In Australia I can only find reversing sensors not suitable for European cars. Has anyone else found sensors suitable for the XK8? I only want the sound for reverse no magic cameras etc.

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I just did a search on google and a few came up for sale in NZ?

Thanks Robin. Will look at those and if suitable will investigate getting a fitter here in Melbourne.

I placed combination lights/ beepers in my DD,

I ordered them from Ebay, but sourced in the UK, only cost about $20

They are not as loud as commercial beeper units, which is good

They do alert people behind me that the vehicle is about to reverse

It astounds me how often people will walk right behind a vehicle that has it reverse light engaged, especially in shopping centres

Thanks Tony. Wanted a low profile and therefore only the sensors in the rear.

Thank you all for your feedback. A JCCV member tracked down the following which is exactly what I was after. PTS411 Front/Rear Parking Sensors W/ Audible Alert | Parkmate | Shop our Full Ranges by Brand | Autobarn | Autobarn Category | Autobarn

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