Reversing camera/sensor installation

I’ve bought a small combined reversing camera/ultrasonic sensor unit that also has led night lighting. I have fixed it to the underside of the rear bumper. It has three cables, buzzer, video and power. I have routed these cables into the boot via the two grommeted holes already provided for the rear fog warning lights. I have taken power off the reversing lights and got the system working but just the warning buzzer at present. I now need to route the video cable into the passenger compartment. Any ideas how to get a cable past the tank? Where does the loom emerge - is it accessible if you remove the rear seat? I have removed the right boot liner where the aerial is fitted and have one of those electrician’s probes on a reel to feed wires through. Have any of you done this job already?
Many thanks and keep safe.

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Hi Clive - I am looking at doing the same install, on my 91 XJS Coupe, but still researching the routing from the rear in to the cabin - I know our cars are different, but still going to watch your post for any hints.

Hi Tex,

Yes, absolutely.

I am hoping that there is some crafty easy way of getting a cable through.

All the best and keep safe,


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Do you have a CD changer in the boot ? If so I’m thinking you could follow / trace the cable that comes from it back to the head set in the centre console, it’s quite a thick cable similar to a co-ax and is independant to the power and signal cables. Good luck, sounds like a useful accessory to fit.

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Hi Casso,
I had spotted that cable where it comes out in the boot on the right side near the antenna. My car did not have a cd changer fitted but maybe they put the cable in all cars anyway. I was wondering where I could get access to it on the passenger compartment side. Don’t particularly want to take out the centre/radio console if it can be avoided. If the CD changer cable takes the same path as the main loom, where does it emerge passenger side - maybe behind or under the rear seat? Anybody know before I start taking out seats and lifting carpets etc?

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Believe it or not, there is a gadget made specifically to solve our problem and create a wireless link (and I’ve just bought one):-1

I’ll report on how well it works. I’m hoping that the big steel fuel tank will not block the signal but carefully locating the little antennas should work I’m hoping. Watch this thread for how I get on.

I have an aftermarket wireless camera at the rear of my rv trailer. Works great! Now, it’s not connected to any backup fiction as it’s intended to be on all the time. Just wanted to comment on the wireless feature.

Hi Rog,
That’s useful to know. Doesn’t look like sheet metal getting in the way is an issue with the wireless.