Reversing sensors

One of these is not like the other 3 any thoughts on accessing the back to reposition it, barring taking the bumper off :worried:

seam to be in after market (non standard ) positions, so I don’t think we can help

Nope exactly the same position as my brothers X308.

The middle ones are lower down on factory
And the outer ones are more on the corner

Google X308 rear parking sensors and theres at least three images that show the sensors all in a row, maybe different markets for the ones that have them lower down?

As far as I know my PDC system is genuine factory.
My car was a Singapore import to NZ. As Robin says maybe different world market specs.

Interesting. What age is your car ?

Russells is a ‘98 and mine is a’99

I’m fairly sure jaguar weren’t fitting these in 1998.
Wonder if it was a dealer fit kit.

I thought they were introduced in 2000

It looks like the same sensor, just pushed back too far. I have never seen a sensor recessed before. Try reaching behind the bumper and see if you can push it forward, it might just be a fastener that has broken.

It is the same, its been in the correct position for the time I have had the car, its has happened over the last few days, I just noticed reversing out of the drive the other day thinking that a sensor was dirty. On checking thats what I found. I’ll get the car on the axle stands and have a look next week. I have to swap cars around anyway as I have just sold the IRS from my scrapper ‘S’ type saloon.

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