RF Speed Sensor

My RF Speed Sensor is good and the wiring from the ABS Module is good but I don’t get a reading to my Code Reader that shows that it is working.My problem is that my Speedometer isn’t working. I have iCarsoft Reader and it tells me that all of my others are good. The readings I get from the WSS shows there in Kilometers. Both rear say that I have been going 146.25 KPH. The front left says 36.83 KPH. And the LF doesn’t give a reading though I have a good WSS and the wiring is good from the ABS to the WSS. Yesterday my readings were exactually opposite with readings on front 146.25 on the LF and the rear was 36.83. Now Can someone help …Please

Could it possibly be something “stuck” on the front of the sensor, or corrosion on the teeth? I don’t know, but just a thought. Probably not, but oh well

I have checked all that and it’s good, Thanks though!! Do any of you think that my problem is keeping the Speedometer from working?

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