Rhd steering rack

Sorry if this has been asked before but I am thinking about converting my series 3 to rhd what are my options with a steering rack,I live in australia and my options seem very limited

Hi Darren…quite a lot of info available and guys that have done this in Australia…im sure you will get plenty of help here but there is also s lot of info on this on the UK E type forum…this post just to start http://forum.etypeuk.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9486&p=83513#p83513

Hello Darren,
I’m in Victoria, Australia and provide the service of converting LHD Steering Racks to RHD.

The only part of the Rack Assembly that isn’t ambidextrous is the aluminum housing to which the Pinion Tower attaches and the Pinion Tower. I have these cast and then machine them using CNC Machine Tools. The only difference between the original Rack Assembly and mine, is that the machining is better on mine. :grinning:

The LHD Pinion Tower can be retained if you don’t mind the plumbing not looking exactly like an original RHD car. In this case, I provide custom pipework to suite.

I provided the RHD solution to JR, author of the final Post in the link given by Steve.



Thanks for your reply please can you give me your contact details

Hi Darren i converted my 69 ser 2 last year and dealt through Hutson Motor Co in uk/They were able to supply everything as a kit eg lh and rh facia.all new throttle linkages pedal springs steering rack .steering colum housing etc…Everything was supplied.I had no trouble doing the conversion myself.Dont mess around with the wiring.get a new wiring harness for RHD cars.
The pound is currently not good 2-1.though and freight was 160 pounds($320).Are you staying with the strombergs or converting to su’s JOHN

Hello John,
Its a different kettle of fish where the S3 is concerned. The Dashboard harness is the only one that needs to be addressed and its the same part for L and RHD Cars (not the case with S1 thru S2 cars). The only requirement is to train the one part of the wiring loom to reside on the RH side of the car.



At least in my surroundings in the USA a RH drive is pretty uncommon. I did get to look over a stock RH drive Series 1 at the Jaguar display last year at Goodwood. It certainly made me glad to have a LH drive. With all the brake and clutch stuff on the RH side of the engine along with the carbs etc. it sure did look more difficult to work on that side of the engine bay. I guess it might not matter much on a V-12 though.

68 E-type FHC

I’ve seen this post of yours from 2020,

Are you still making these units for conversion and if so, what is the cost?