Rhode Island Wiring instructions

Ok, I goofed, once again! I was in the market for a new wiring harness for my MK V. The choices came down to Auto Sparks and Rhode Island Wiring. I have used RI Wiring in the past and think very highly of them. But…. AutoSparks is British and figured there’d know their cars better, plus it was about $300 less expensive. What I received is, I’m sure, a perfectly proper wire harness but there was wire in a plastic bag. Total!
My experience with RI Wiring in the past was several sheets of diagrams, color codes and tips for installing. I’m now thinking they are probably worth the extra cash!
Has anyone here bought a harness from RI Wiring and maybe kept the paperwork? It would sure help at this point! Id be willing to purchase the pages sent with their harness.


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Hi Wayne, some help on wiring is in the wiring diagrams at the back of the Mark V service manual. The diagrams are for various versions of the car. All include color codes.

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Thanks Roger, I’ll take a closer look.


Yes, and Rob’s project postings on this forum.

I have all the wiring from RI for a LHD MKV DHC and it’s all still wrapped, as I have been unable to start the restoration.


Yep, it’s come up a few times.