RHSide Fuse Panel

(Sean O'Donoghue) #1

Has anyone ever seen this? 94 XJ6 Sovereign 4.0l, North american model:
RH Side fuse panel. Removing because I suspected cold solder joints as the RHS heater fan and RHS window wasn’t working. Well it seems like the cold solder joint must be on the main post (see pics), though I can’t access the middle section.
Can these PCB’s actually come apart? Does this look repairable or am I best of sourcing a used fuse panel?
I’m certain there were some pics of a repair on the old site but they don’t seem to be loading for me.

One can see in the last photo the middle plastic plate completely melted in the area of the post leads. I guess that was the smell of burning plastic I noticed some time ago.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

( Larry ) #2

Sean - you can cut the boards apart with snips and resolder them back together afterwards …however, the burning :frowning: …not seen that before …luckily my cold solder joints were on the topside so I didn’t have to separate the boards …lots of folks did though, so not that unusual.

(Sean O'Donoghue) #3

Gaaah!!! Do you mean snipping every single (35 of them) “conductive pillars” all along the outside of the PCB Sandwich? I wonder if anyone has successfully de-soldered instead of snipping? How can the sandwich spacing be preserved by snipping? Seems daunting. For now, I’ll throw it all back together and check the charge on my trunk fire extinguisher, while I hit up the wreckers!! No tricks in your rubbermaid totes, Larry?

( Larry ) #4

Right. I didn’t fancy going that route either, thankfully I didn’t have to. Are you sure the top board joints are OK? Mine looked ok at first, I even re-installed it unwilling to believe there was a problem, but on close examination, I found the cracked joints. Best policy, reflow the joints anyway.

I don’t think there’s anything in the totes, but it has been a while since I had a look (car has been behaving well …[touches wooden desk :face_with_raised_eyebrow:]) …but now that I think about it I did strip the parts car pretty clean - and - took out all the wiring harnesses - so it’s POSSIBLE I took out the fuse boxes too and DO have spares …will take a look after the Xmas foofaraw peters out …totes are in a friend’s basement across town so might take me a bit to link up …

(Sean O'Donoghue) #5

A good write up about this found here:
However, no fine clues about best way to separate the PCB sandwich. If one compares the following pic from the xj40.com post, noting the broken solder joints on the fuse box main post:

then look at the burn pattern on my failed fuse box:

…it is pretty clear that
1: I have to separate the PCB sandwich,
2: the failed solder joint is on the main post itself, joints are on the inside of the sandwich.

Adding to my certainty about this, when I put my finger on the main post and rock it back and forth, there is movement and a tiny “failed solder joint” clicking where there shouldn’t be.
If I had a spare I would fearlessly separate the sandwich. Until such time, I’ll put it back together and drive the cat daily, albeit without heat or RHS window, heated seats and some other stuff.

Merry Christmas all…to be continued.

(Robin O'Connor) #6

Just an observation, a fire extinguisher in the boot could be a long way fro where you need it in a hurry.
This is where mine sits in myX308, bolted to the drivers seat frame.

(Sean O'Donoghue) #7

Thanks Robin…a good idea. Alternatively, I could build a wall between the drivers cockpit and the RHS fuse panel, a “magnificent, beautiful wall”, and make the mexicans pay for it. :rofl: