Ride height with bonnet off the car

Good day all, I have a 1969 FHC, and would like to know if anyone can tell me what the ride height should be with the bonnet off. IE the distance from the ground to the centre of the lower wishbone bolt.


Here’s an idea …. I don’t know the height …but if your setting the ride height with the bonnet off ……… place a board accros the engine cam covers and add 100 kg in weight that will approximate the bonnet and the bits attached to it

I think the front wheel rate is 130 lb per inch. To front wheels gives you 260 lb per inch. If the bonnet weighs 220 lb. Removing it will raise the car by 0.85 in.
Feel free to correct the assumptions above and don’t sue me.

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So assuming the torsional rotation is constant he needs to set the height .85 of An inch higher than he wants to finish at

Yes I think it’s linear enough. (The spring is perfectly linear. The suspension adds a little curve but not much at that point in travel)

But if you’re setting the torsion bars, I recommend using a setting link per the shop manual. (What’s the car weighs now doesn’t matter. The recommended setting links assume you will get to a production weight eventually.)

John,. I have avoided measurements to the ground because the tire complicates that. It looks like your shock length without the bonnet should be 0.64 in more than the setting length. Total is 18.45 inches. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to adjust the torsion bars again. most do.