Right front headlight out

(blatch) #1

Right front headlight is out when low beams are on. When switching to high beams, the light comes on. Suggestions on how to chase this as a new headlamp did not resolve the problem. Thanks in advance.

Bob Blatchley 86 XJ6

(Paul Wigton) #2

Fundamentals: with a test light, is there power at the headlight plug?

(MRCHB@aol.com) #3

Yes, I’ve experienced the same problem on two '86 XJ6 cars located 3000 miles away from each other, so I do believe this is a ‘tried and true’ method. Open up the hood. On the driver’s side of the car (assuming LHD) you will find a flat top panel of an 'under the hood fuse box." Remove each fuse from this box one at a time. Carefully clean the fuse contacts with fine steel wool, then maybe spray them with an ‘electrical parts cleaner’ you can find at any auto parts store. Then reconnect the fuses. When done, turn on your lights, high beams & low beams separately, and let us know if the problem is now solved. Good luck.

(Andrew Waugh) #4

In a pinch, being really careful to get the steel particles off the part (and keep them away from the car)… ok.

A scratch pen is a must have for cleaning contacts:

(Frank Andersen) #5

‘Right’ and ‘left’ low beam are separately fused, Bob - as are ‘right’ and ‘left’ high.

Typical fuse problem - replace ‘right’ low beam fuse as first step - cleaning connectors as per MRCHB . If that doesn’t fix the problem - some work with a multimeter at various places may be required…

Incidentally, ‘light comes on’ when switched to high beam is the separate high beam filament in the outer bulb - the low beam filament is not powered in ‘high’ beam…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(David Jauch) #6

If cleaning, swapping/ changing snd wiggling at fuses is of no help, it’s certainly in the wiring underneath the fuse box and into the fender. After I had cleaned those, even the last flicker finally disappeared!
Multimeter or teat light as last resort, and use grease to keep future moisture out.
But start with the contacts as advised.

(blatch) #7

Thanks all. Will be getting at it as soon as the frost is off the
pumpkin. :slight_smile:


(Mark Lee (Pay Pal Patron)) #8

I too experienced the same thing and resolved it with Frank’s help. the issue I had was ground. under the fuses, there is a ground wire, which in my case had frayed to the point there wasn’t enough wire to ground the fuses.

More than likely the issue is related to the jumble of wires around the fuse box under the bonnet. Oh, and the wiring for the head lights are threaded through the front wings (fenders). on the other side, one of the connectors had disconnected. so I put on new (proper automotive weather proof) connectors. not the house hold connectors at Homeless deathspot and the like.

(blatch) #9

It indeed was in the jumble of wires under the fuse block on the left fender. I just cleaned up and replaced the whole pile and got my lheadlamp back upon completion.; Thanks all!