Right side door handle with lock

(W. Schuster) #1

On my 2002 can I fit a door handle with key, without any problems???
The handle I have now has no lock on it.

(Robin O'Connor) #2

Source a UK handle and lock from their drivers side.

(W. Schuster) #3


My question was will the key fit to do every thing?


(Robin O'Connor) #4

In short no, it will have to be matched to the key already on the car, (I am assuming the other door has a key?)

(kassaq) #5

Walter, If I understand your question correctly, I would think your car MIGHT have the inner door wiring to make it work, but I have never seen anyone try your mod. If (big if) all the X-types are wired the same across all markets, your door might have the wiring to make all the doors unlock with turning the key manually twice, just the same as when you do it on the left door here in the states. I have never heard of anyone trying your idea, so I doubt anyone will have actual knowledge of it.

(W. Schuster) #6


My situation is different, when I park I have to assist the passenger, then I have to walk

around to the drivers side to lock the car.

That is why a lock on the door handle on the passenger side would be the ticket for me.


(Grahame Loader) #7

What about the remote? This would save you two trips around the car.

(kassaq) #8

Walter, I agree with Grahame. Your key fob will typically unlock the driver’s door with one press of the unlock button, and with a second press on the same unlock button, it unlocks all the passenger doors.

(W. Schuster) #9


You are right there, I should have bought a new remote, this one never



(W. Schuster) #10

Yoy are right there, just like Robin.

I should have looked for a new remote.


(kassaq) #11

If you have two keys and fobs, you can do a search on the 'net to get the instructions on how to reprogram them to work for your car. Reprogramming them is easy. I’ve done it a few times on all my (3 different) X-types, so I could have a spare key in a magnetic case under the car in case I got locked out.

(Grahame Loader) #12

When I bought my X Type the fobs didn’t work. My mechanic was able to get two new ones from China vastly cheaper than from Jaguar. They are the same and snap into the key part with no problem.

This would be far cheaper than trying to get used parts from GB and hoping you could cobble something together that may or may not work. You don’t have to tear the door panel off, monkey around with the latch mechanism and hope the wiring is in place.

(W. Schuster) #13


thanks for that information, where can I look to get the best deal for another one.


(Alan Grossman) #14


I got one from China via eBay and it didn’t work! But I did get a genuine
Jag part from Welsh (also on ebay) for under $50. I’d encourage you to
look there.

Best, Alan

(Grahame Loader) #15

Unfortunately, my mechanic ordered them so I don’t know where he went to on the internet. It took about a week to come by mail.

I googled jaguar x type key fob and got plenty of hits.

(W. Schuster) #16

Thanks, Ill do that.


(Grahame Loader) #17

Let us know how it works.