Rim embellishers?

(DavidMK2) #1


When my 1967 MK2 arrived from the US about 18 years ago, it came with the hub caps and rim embellishers (is that how you spell it?) shown in the picture below. They are obviously not standard for a MK2, but I rather like them and they are part of the car’s past.

A couple of them are getting a bit shabby and was considering getting them re-chromed (expensive) or finding replacements. Any idea where the rim embellishers come from?


(Roger McWilliams) #2

Try searching for “rimbellisher”.

(Paul Wigton) #3

Or, “beauty rings”…

(Ian) #4

I think they was standard on the 240/340 SNG do them and it looks like a Jaguar part number ,
C21983 £51 each !


(DavidMK2) #5

Thanks for the comment - it would not surprise me if they were 340 fitments as my MK2 is late and we know that Jaguar were mixing and matching the parts to get rid of them! But, if you look carefully at my picture, mine are different from the ones being sold by SNG - they are much wider, see how they go in and past the valve - they have a hole for the valve rather than a cutout.
I have not been able to find the same ones in my searches?

(Ian) #6

There add says , Aftermarket Reproduction , that part number comes up on quite a few Jaguars , so guess you need to look for Original ones , or get yours refurbished !

('S'-types Registrar) #7

RIMBELLISHERs weer an aftermarket chrome trim or dress ring fitted to cars of the period.
Ace was one of the major suppliers

(The Jag Man) #8

Check with your local powder coater as “Chrome” is one of their easily applied colors. Have them two a two coat process using a topcoat of clear. Much cheaper and environmentally safer than re chroming. Should last a good long time. Let us know how much it costs.