Ring inside front hub

Whist removing and both front axle hubs to check the bearings and to repack them, I came across what I can only describe as a ring inside the space between the D locking washer that the castle head nut that tightens up the bearing fit, I remember it falling out with the D washer and the front bearing when I dismantled the hubs, so I assumed it must live in there somewhere

I tried it against the front bearing and then the D washer and then the castle head nut, but that does not leave enough thread for the nut to allow the split pin through, nut not fully down the threads, I have omitted this ring now and all seems as it should be
My question is, what is it for ? why was it loose inside the hub and have I missed something ?
See pictures, it is dished on one side and flat on the other and smaller than the taper roller bearing,

its confusing me but no doubt someone will shine a light on it

Without knowing any further details, this looks like the collar that goes on the axle first, the radiused edge hard up against the stub axle boss and held firmly by the bearing inner race. The felt seal runs on this. It would be part number 42672, C620 in the spares manual.

That’s my thought as well.

Part #13.


Ah Ha

Thanks you guys, much appreciated, I knew somebody would know


Make sure you push the bearing up hard to prevent it turning, as the felt seal drags on this.