Road Trip - Raleigh/Seattle/LA/Raleigh - Final Update!

I would find that truly terrifying. Driving it on the cliff side with no shoulders in good weather is intimidating enough.

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Had a nice visit and meal with Harvey last night. Enjoy your return travels.

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Harvey visited us here in Carmel Valley/Monterey yesterday morning. Had a great conversation before he headed off down Hwy 1 through Big Sur.

Safe travels home.


I can’t do that at all anymore. You see semi truck drivers doing it all the time even in winter :scream:

Regarding the trip in the blizzard, I had to return to NM the next day. I was out of clean underwear from the trip down, so I actually went around through Utah. Hours out of my way, but ……

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Excellent adventure, Harvey!

Wife and I drove Seattle down the coast highway in Sept, 2018. We lived in Pt. Arena in the 70s and made the trek down 1 to Jenner or Bodega Bay frequently.

In 18, I kept the dash cam going. The road had been vastly improved in those 45 years.

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As noted above, I had good visits with David and John. I “tuned the corner” in LA this morning and am spending the night in Gallup, NM. I probably won’t get around to doing my next writeup until I get home. I’m planning on 12 hours days, having a bad case of “gethomeitis”!

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BTW I don’t think towing a travel trailer down CA 1 is out of the question. I would say, from personal experience, it requires a lot of attention from the driver and thus makes for a stressful drive.

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Thanks Harvey, and your cautionary point is also duly noted.

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Gorgeous 140. My uncle has one that he used to race. I played speed racer in it as a kid and that’s still the closest I’ve ever come to driving it! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bitter!

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I missed out on the beginning of Harvey’s thread as I was in Tampa doing grandbaby duty. Been home for three weeks now and back to working on the E-type and I get a phone call from Harvey. “Say, what are you doing day after tomorrow? I’m in OK City and headed to North Carolina.” Well says I, I’ll be in the garage. Do you need a place to stay? “No, but maybe we can have lunch and I can see your car.”

And that’s what we did. Harvey showed up at noon yesterday in a very nice, but very dirty Cayman. We looked over my project car (waiting for diff output shaft bearings) and headed to town for a late lunch. Altogether a very nice visit. thanks for stopping Harvey!! (Sorry, I forgot to take any pics!). He should be arriving home some time today. Safe drive!!!


I’m home! I spent this afternoon writing articles for my website. Here are links to the complete list. The Seattle to LA article is probably the most interesting.


I love this pic Harvey! And we were lighted to see at our home. Maybe we can get together when I start on the bonnet! :slight_smile:

In August of 1968 I drove a new E-type FHC from Scottsdale, AZ to Huntington, NY (Long Island) via Parsons, KS (to see my brother) and Brookfield, IL. Brookfield was a 20 hr stop to visit a girl. 2600 miles, 1 hour of sleep. 2-1/2 days total time. Oh to be young again! That Jag ran like a top, no radio…just a purring engine that you could see the red glow coming from the LH louvre in the bonnet at night. Great trip for a 21 year old.


In 1974 I made the drive from Virginia Beach to mid Missouri non-stop, back when the national speed limit was 55. It was pretty much a 24 hour drive. Talk about boring. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most boring, 55 mph on an interstate rates a solid 10.


I respectfully disagree: 55 on a national highway equals 11.


I was wondering who was going to post that first… :slight_smile:

Glad I’m notgoing that far at 55mph!

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My trip is 1600miles, also at 55 mph, that’s going to be long enough.