Roast me (and my fog lights)

(DanGermany) #1

Hi there,

for a longer time I am contemplating about fitting period Lucas Fog Rangers to my E, because I find driving during nighttime rather challenging (I am using H4 bulbs).
Well, last weekend I did it and shot a couple of fotos to proof my deed which you can see below (couple of details and a decent cleaning are still missing though).
I managed to keep the new lamps away from the chrome rings: they occupy the room between the overriders and the head lamps.
Now you can roast me!



(Michael) #2

I like a driving light on an e-type.

(Brian Ternamian) #3

No roast. To each his own. I think I would have hung them on the bottoms of the bumpers though.

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(LLoyd (just a rithmetician)) #4

I don’t see anything that cannot be reversed… as in no permanent damage.

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(69 FHC ) #5

I think they look just fine.

How many amps do they draw when they are on and where did you place the on/off switch?

(DanGermany) #6

Hi Brian,
I had a look at that variant, too, but found that this would prevent to fully open the bonnet.
But this might definitively work out for smaller lamps!


(DanGermany) #7

Hi John,

How many amps do they draw when they are on
Each Lucas spot lamp draws ca 4A (50W).

and where did you place the on/off switch?
I am planning to use them as high beams but I didn’t really investigate how to wire them. In my naivety I thought that I could just hook them into the outlet for the high beams.

Would it be a problem to run them in parallel with the “regular” high beams?

I must admit that its not well thought-out!


(David Langley) #8

If you really want to use them as fog lights (as per the title of your post), you do not want them to be wired to the high beam circuit. In fog, high beams are almost worse than no lights at all. If you want them as driving lights, the high beam circuit may be fine, provided the power draw is not too high for you wiring and/or alternator/generator. You should probably investigate local regulations about additional lights too. For example, in my XK140, the headlight switch prevents the fog lights being on at the same time as the headlights. Good luck!

(Michael) #9

Back in the day this is where my Mother installed her driving lights.

How cool was that?

(DanGermany) #10

That is awesome!

How about this beauty:


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(Harvey Ferris) #11

As you probably know, all the power for the headlights on an Etype is routed through the dashboard fuse panel, through the rotary switch, and through the dip switch. Then a long wiring run to the actual headlights. I would be reluctant to add additional load to any of this circuitry. The arrangement cries out for a relay.
FYI, I was wiring the “multi-plug” at the bonnet on my 67. I noted that the center pin in the plug is reserved for driving lights. But at least on my Rhode Island Wiring harness, there was no associated wiring.

(Karl) #12

Just wired the bonnet on my series two. There is a wire included on mine, for fit lights. Purple and yellow, if I’m remembering right. Not sure where it emerges in the dash though.

(69 FHC ) #13

Four amps per light isn’t too bad. I’d wire in a switch for the fog lights that uses a relay that controls the power to the lights from the battery buss.

I’m wondering how well LED bulbs would serve in those housings.

(j limongelli) #14

Nice! How much extra candle light?