Rocker arm felt wicks

Another question. Seems someone removed 7 of the 12 felt wicks. No idea how long the engine was run without them but there appears to be no damage caused buy their removal. I’m thinking that oil going down the tube would be able to leak some into the push rod cup and the rest would come out the end and splash around a bunch. Thoughts???


As far as I understand how it works it may result in excessive oil in the valve guides and/or too little oil at the end of the rocker shaft, that it the no 6 cylinder and valves 11 and 12.

On mine a few were completely blocked and I do not know if that resulted in the cyl ne. 4 exh. valve getting stuck, broken off and destroying the cylinder wall → complete engine rebuild, another thread about it: 3 1/2 Litre engine part recommendations.


The oil supply to the rocker comes from inside the rocker shaft through a small hole which is aligned for the correct rocker offset and feeds the rocker bushes via a 0.003" flat on the rocker shaft (not all reproductions use the original design). The rocker feeds the valve and the pushrod. The valve end has a felt wick internal and is sealed on the end with solder. I use a short brass rod piece to make the solder application a little easier. The solder seal and the wick help regulate the oil supply to the valve.

The pushrod end has no wick.

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You’re correct, no wick at that end of the rocker. Curious that someone in the past removed more than half of them.

Maybe some of yours just fell out. As I recall a few of mine were missing. The factory soldering job wasn’t all that good.
I also used a 1/8" diameter brass rod and engineer’s felt when I did mine. I think I got the engineer’s felt in 1/8" diameter from McMaster-Carr.