Rolex 24 '22...,

Odd, to have it go Sun. to Mon.: hope I can see most of it, via the Net.

Aha! Im watching the last two hours!

Never mind…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was surprised just learn, from my IMSA friend, that the Corvettes and Cadillacs are running LT1 engines.

Helio can STILL climb the fence!


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Guess I don’t have to watch it to know who won…:pleading_face:

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Not to worry!

You’ll still see some pretty good racing… Until the last little bit when two Porker drivers exercise more ego than smarts.

I assume the 5th generation, 2014 and up version? They keep recycling the 69-71 LT-1 nameplate.

I assume so: have not kept up with all the permutations of the LT series.

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Me neither! I had to look it up!

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