Rolling roads in South East of UK

Can anyone recommend a rolling road in the south east of uk (i am in Hertfordshire) who can set up my newly rebuilt 3.8 mk2 jaguar engine?


CCK in buxted near crosswaite and Gardner recommended by people I trust absolutely but not used them yet. Soon maybe

Andy catani was right by Gatwick and was excellent. Haven’t spoken to or heard of him in 10 years but a Google search may reveal. Low key premises so maybe he’s not on web. I’d use him again.

Hope that’s of some help


Yup CCK do good work, used a lot by the trade. They set up a lot of cars for Goodwood and suchlike.

However on a newly rebuilt engine they will only be able to get the basics dialled in. It’s needs some miles on it before they can determine what it can do. I am questioning whether you need a rolling road session at this point. Have you deviated away from standard in any areas? If not you should be able to get the car in a good order by referring to the manual. Can we assume you have had the distributor overhauled, same for carbs ?..

The engine has done 300 miles and I will put another couple of hundred on it and change the oil before putting it on the rolling road.
The engine has a couple of mods - ported head, 9:1 compression pistons, hotter cam, exhaust manifolds and system. Carbs have been totally rebuilt and it has a 123 tune dizzy. So it needs a proper setup on a rolling road.

I will give cck a call next week.


So it needs a proper setup on a rolling road. :thinking:
Cant see why , unless its a race car ?
No way would I put my car on a rolling road , bad enough flat out for MOT for my Ranger :roll_eyes:
Good luck , the boys at the rolling road will love it :rofl:

I Have to agree with Ian above. …if you were on fuel injection then possibly. …but a standard set up car they get thrashed on a rolling road…lespecially a newly built engine…anywat…Northampton Motor Sports eill possibly be the best around…Steve

Odd then, that the engine builder has full confidence in his engine preparation and build, and to insist it is put on the rolling road to ensure it is running correctly.

On the rolling road they can only drive it on full throttle, much the same as you can on the road. Only on the rolling road, they are monitoring the mixture and timing, ensuring no knock and correct fuelling.

I want to know that I am not damaging the engine when i put my foot down and that the engine is performi g the best it can. Why wouldn’t we all want to know that?

I dont want to potter along, slowly, not confident in the engine.


Hi Dave…so if the engine lets go on the rolling road like a friend of mines did will your builder pay for the damage…your car your choice…personally i would get at lease a good few miles put on it first…then chat with the rolling road guys about what your after…or typically they will take it to full revs through the gears…as you would never drive it on the road anyway…Steve

Hi Steve,
Having been present at many rolling road sessions, read how rolling road sessions are conducted and considered what the session is trying to achieve, there is absolutely no point in reving the engine to the red line in each gear. The purpose is to monitor the engine though the rev range once, adjust fuelling or timing and repeat, so they (and i have first hand experience of this) bring the car up to speed through the gears and change in to top (or third) at fairly low speed and then do power run. Yes full throttle and yes it sounds loud, just as loud as on the open road, but on the open road the noise is left behind you and not reverberating around a garage.
The engine is still under warranty and the engine builder has told me to get it tuned on the rolling road. Not doing so could invalidate the warranty. Why would I not do it? Race engines, much more highly stressed, are regularly put on rolling roads, what are you scared of?

Personally, I don’t see any harm is what you are proposing to do as the engine isn’t abused and is fully broken in. Did the engine builder give you parameters on breaking in the engine before putting it on a rolling road? If so, I’d make sure I first followed it to the letter.

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With a properly broken-in engine, and somebody who knows how to work a rolling road correctly, I would have no problem with the use of one.

That said, a street car can be set up without the use of one.

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