Rolls Royce Lump!

(Richard Greene) #1

I am a tremendous fan of lumped Jaguars. I have s collection of mint all numbers E-types, MK2, XJ6 and XK140. One of the XJ6 has been lumped for 30 years. I also had a 69 lumped XKE coupe with the Ford 302 before selling it several years ago!

I am now looking for a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow that has the American drivetrain. I have been looking for over a year without luck. If anyone knows of one, I would certainly like to know. Please email me directly at I will gladly pay a finders fee for the correct car!

I sincerely appreciate any help!


(Roger Benjamin) #2

icon just showed one on jay leno’s garage video. its a sweet heart

(ronbros) #3

i not sure if this would help, BUT around 15Years back , i collected a lot of used engines. over 200 engines.

a person called from England , asked about some used Cadillac Diesel engines , i had 9 of them,

he flew in from England looked over the lot of them bought all, paid $500. US dollars cash.

he called a shipping company and shipping labels said London UK.

wonder what he wanted them for, said they would be reconditioned in UK and go into some large antique Rolls Royce cars and some old bentlys!

his reason was much better MPG than gas eatin big 6 cylinder cars!

OK i guess ,to each his own!:star_struck:

(Paul Wigton) #4

Good: find me a buyer for the three 215 Rover/Buick engines I own!!

(Paul Wigton) #5

Christ…if that was the 70s vintage GM 350 diesel, I hope you changed your address!!!

(jrinam) #6

if I had them, I too would of hoarded them only to be stuck with them as you are now!

that was the only one I could think of and is a candidate for the worse engine ever made!

(Paul Wigton) #7

No hoarding: they were in the group of P6 parts cars I got.

(ronbros) #8

YUP: pretty much voted as the worst engine ever made .

i overhauled dozens of them , the major weak link was head gaskets, and fuel pumps!

1st a good diesel should have hi-quality cast iron, blocks and heads, more head bolts/studs, o ring cylinder bores. etc.

after a few years of manufacture they GM finally got it right, with much reengineering, new grade cast iron, forged pistons, really good steel piston rings, floating pins, steel cranks, upgraded roller cam followers, steel cams, all to late.
BUT then the law suits were showing up(lets face it who buys OLDS /Cadillacs money people). so put a class action suit(California DUH!) the amount was so hi GM only way out was to stop manufacture NOW!. go bankrupt in the Diesel division!

OK the good part was not HP but very good MPG gallon, i owned a few cars, olds /cadillac, got 35 MPG US gallon,in a big sedan CADILLAC. me driving. sometimes close to 40 mpg.

now why all this BS , you ask the question why did GM build them, NOBODY IN THE DIESEL CAR INDUSTRY, could or would make diesel car with the engine option of $800. USD, over a gas engine!

and something never talked about that was the 1st wave of college engineers fresh out of the famous drug LSD era!!! doing design engineering for a totally unrealistic plan ,(converting a V8 gasoline engine into a DIESEL.

in the end i started doing gas lumps , and tossing a bunch of engines in the corner, that i sold to a guy from ENGLAND!

wigs ? whats a P6 car??? and how much for the 215 Buick/Rovers, and wonder what shipping would cost!
i maybe off on a different tangent!

i also bought a lot of used diesels from UK , Perkins mostly, cheap, that i rebuilt and sold!


(Paul Wigton) #9

AND the inadequate oiling system, AND the inadequate cranks, AND the weak blocks.

Other than that, GREAT boat anchors!

(Paul Wigton) #10

P6 Rover…

PM me and we’ll talk about the 215s…

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #11

Some decades ago, VW’s were cut up for dune buggies. When the VW was stretched to the maximum for power and the owners wanted more, they looked elsewhere. Corvairs lost their 6’s to the buggies. But, the thirst continued.

I saw on nicely powered by that neat 215 Buick V8.

On he way to market the other day, a red MG TD passed the other way., We exchanged “thumbs up”. That little alloy V8 oughta fit just about right.


(Paul Wigton) #12

Yes, they did, and one kid, in high school, didn’t pay heed to my warning that the ring gear had to be flipped in the Bug ‘box.

First thing he HAD to do, once he installed it, was a screaming first gear burnout.

Which in turn, SLAMMED the buggy slap into his mom’s car, BEHIND the Meyers Manx.

Many bad words were employed…

(Paul Wigton) #13

Had a customer with a TD, that someone had stuffed a 215 into…and used the stock brakes!!!

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #14


Could be no worse than the guy with the Buick in the VW on VW brakes !!!

A few decades ago, my home town friend bought a nice 61 VW bug as an La commute car. A salvage total loss car. Bob spent far too much money on it. It included farming out the job of swapping out a bent axle. He and the shop had issues. They tired of it and took it to his house and parked it in the street .

Bob called me in alarm!!! He had four in reverse and one forward !!! Bob thought I was a genius as I diagnosed it from afar.

Much earlier, another home town pal rebuilt a Model A. Great result. But, wham in to the garage wall on it’s first start up!!

When I did the 40['s project before the Jaguar swap, I remembert3ed those lessons. I made durn sure the A’s ring gear was on the correct side of the pinion!!!


(Roger Mabry) #15

I had two of the GM diesels in Oldsmobiles. The Delta 88 four door was green with a green interior, called it the “Pickle”. I bought it on a bid and used it for a couple of years… not pretty but comfortable and got good mileage. Would go up our local mountain roads easily in 2d gear (automatic) and pull with a full load of passengers. Sold it for what I paid for it! Other Olds had a few engine problems but was covered under warranty…

Have a 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 4X4 that is a great truck, air suspension for a car like ride and is quiet and gets GREAT fuel economy.

(Thomas Cummings) #16

I’m not so sure about the GM 350 diesel having a weak block, these engines have taken on a new role in their afterlife - being reconverted back to being gas engines in drag racing. If I remember correctly the GM 350 diesel block has ~ 100lbs more cast iron in all the right places compared with the original born Olds gas engine. And some enterprising Oldsmobile drag racers have discovered that it will hold up to massive hits of nitrous. So strangely there are now some of these 350 diesel blocks burning gas and huffing nitrous to the tune of 8 second 160 mph 1/4 mile blasts.

(ronbros) #17

wigs , they would make a terrible boat anchor, NO bottom grip ,they would roll around the bottom without grip, like bouncing along, been there done that!!


(ronbros) #18

thom, you are right, the early blocks,heads were a low grade cast iron, but the last years 19 84/85 were a much better grade casting , including cranks and other parts!

all because how do you make a Diesel engine option for just $800. US , a modern Dura max diesel is around $6/8000. dollars option!

they had some in GM pickup trucks,early years.

finally we have some blocks and heads coming out of BRAZIL SA, made of CGI,(compacted graphite iron).

30% lighter ,and 75% stronger, why they are not made in USA? thank EPA.LOL.


something like this?

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #20

Delightful. Or ??? Must be a better word I signed up to get more…

But, way off “Big Daddy” Roth’s work. he far more “imaginative”.

A year or two, “Gas Monkey Garage” bought a similar car at auction. Aaron and crew modified it. Air suspension, lowered and odd wheels. O’wise as it was. Some engineering features challenged them Why? Not a particularly good result or even entertaining…

Decades ago, a similar car haunted the financial district in SF. Much battered and torn, Awful Bondo “repairs” and worse paint matching. But, it ran and ran and ran…

And, a local guy crashed his similar car. Had a feud with his insurer. The grill was repaired, not replaced. Not too bad a job, but not quite right. His insoror’s west coast office was on SF"s California street. So, he did the lemon thing and parked it there. The East Coast HO heard of it. The RR got a new grill pronto…