Roof bars ? and speedo drive

Hi all
I have some roof bars, but I am not sure what they fit , my car is a MK 4 jag, the bars / struts measure 42 Inches long but they are too short for spanning the roof for the roof lining or other on my car, see picture , doe any body know their use or what car they fit

Additionally is the speedo drive taken off the gearbox ? I have a threaded connection on the box, and who can supply the speedo cable



I can’t remember the roof bars but they may have been in the sun roof panel.

The XK120 speedo cable is the same as the MkIV.


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Worcester spares has speedometer cables which as you say, comes off the gearbox.
They didn’t have rev counter cable- I had to get mine made up. Just remember when you do, the cable spiral turns the ‘wrong’ way (anti-clockwise) to match the instruments so off the shelf cable might not work


I felt around in the headliner of my '38 saloon and did not feel anything that felt like a round bar. In any case my sunroof is about 40-1/2" wide, so I suspect those bars go somewhere else or to a different car. Not a Mark V as they have nothing like that either.

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Thanks all for the reply’s, I ordered a speedo cable from Worster and stated you don’t do the rev counter cable do you, the reply was we do but I haven’t go around to putting it on the list yet, so I ordered a rev counter cable also
Not sure about the thinking that the rev counter cable needs to be a special one due to the drive going anti clockwise, surely the driver for the cable will spin it in the correct direction or am I missing something ?
Additionally I am in the process of fitting the windscreen back together after chroming and new glass, I have the seal for around the frame that seals against the body work, what I need to know now,is there a seal for the glass inside the screen frame, when I dismantled the frame it had black goo on the glass and inside the channel where the glass sits, which I scrapped off, there is approximately 4 mm play between the glass and the channel it sits in, has anybody used a seal to secure the glass in the frame or used another method like the windscreen sealants used today
Thanks in advance

The speedometer moves clockwise, the rev counter moves counterclockwise, as viewed by the driver. How they work is there is a spinning disc attached to the cable and a proximity magnet attached to the needle, so the spinning disc pulls the needle around by magnetism.
So yes, the angle drive on the cylinder head does make it spin in the correct direction, which is counterclockwise.

Cables are sort of like a tightly wound spring. You want them to turn in the direction that makes the spring tighter, rather than looser.
So you want the rev counter cable to be wound in the counterclockwise direction.

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Thanks Rob
Re- the rev counter cable, what you said makes sense

As for the seal , I will put a u shaped seal in the frame and glass when I figure out the dimensions required
Thanks for replying

Mike, check my reply in your other post enquiring about the windscreen seal. I have added more detail and corrections on cables and seals. There is overlap in both subjects. Cables have an anti-twist feature in their design and you can’t use a conventional moulded or extruded rubber section.

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Yeah, this is confusing. Stick to one subject per thread.

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