Roof lining MK V, Saloon

Hello all
I am starting to think about how the headliner in my MK V Saloon, 1950, RHD should finally look. Since I bought the car in a disassembled state, I have no idea what it originally looked like. Among other things, it is also a question of how the edge or the shoulder behind the sunroof looks. As I already have the entire interior, I have determined from this that the headliner is separated at this point. Could someone on this forum who also owns the same car post some photos on the forum or send them to me (
Thank you very much.
Gerhard Waldner

There is a piece of 7-ply 3/8" thick marine plywood that the headliner is stapled to where there is a shoulder at the rear of the sunroof tray. It is about 53-1/2" long and shaped like Robin Hood’s bow. Most of the length it is about 1-3/8" wide but it gets a little wider at the ends. Mine has nails in it so I suppose it was nailed to other pieces of wood up in there.

I found these pictures on

Mark V pictures 149

Hello Bob

Thank you very much for your answer and photos.
I have one more question. Does the wood list go up to the tin roof or does it have a gap from it. The way you described it the list is visible. In this case the fabric goes through above the wood list.
Greetings from Switzerland
Gerhard Waldner