Roof rack XJS genuine Jaguar

I believe there was a genuine jaguar part roof rack for an XJS I would love to copy of accessory catalog picture of this photos of XJS with roof rack and hear from anyone with one as I would like to get one or if I have to make a very closed copy. I believe it is the same part as for Series III XJ?

I don’t recall a Jaguar roof rack. I do recall, though, that someone figured out that a luggage rack intended for the rear deck of a particular model of Corvette would fit the trunk lid of the XJ-S perfectly. Just drilled four holes and it bolted right on.



thanks for that

I wonder how special that roof rack is. Was it really custom-designed to fit the XJ-S, or was it some aftermarket company’s product that Jaguar slapped its badge on and started offering in its parts department? Because if it was the latter, perhaps we can get lucky and find out the actual make and model of the rack – presuming the Jaguar-badged version is NLA.

You are in luck.
I have that exact NOS, in the box, Thule rack that was only available from Jaguar.
The same rack was also for the XJ6.
Drop me a line at 650.455.1110

dear steve

great chatting the other day,

love to see some pics of the roof rack and to get a freight price on it to Perth Western Australia.

regards terry