Roof top cargo rack

(kassaq) #1

Does anybody know if any roof rack manufacturers other than the Jaguar specific rack have a mount set that fit our X-types? I know they aren’t super expensive, but was just wondering.

(Grahame Loader) #2

The Jaguar roof rack is made by Thule, but you can only buy it from Jaguar. I bought the roof rack from Jaguar and the ski rack clamps from Thule. Works great. Just took it off after using it all winter. (The X Type is a great ski car.) I wanted the feature of directly attaching the rack to the mounting points rather than a generic rack that clamped to the door frames. Because the roof rack is made by Thule, all the Thule stuff will attach to it. It is easy to mount and demount and solid when mounted.

I would highly recommend going the Jaguar route. It has worked out well for me.

(kassaq) #3

Thanks Grahame, I thought it was a ‘Thule’, but wasn’t sure if any other company made the same mounts. It costs a few bucks, but they are more convenient for a week or two trip than a trailer…yes, I have a trailer hitch on one of my X-types, as well as on my '85 XJ6.

(Grahame Loader) #4

Another advantage to the Jag rack is it is custom built for the X Type and the tower feet fit the curve of the roof. Each tower is marked for the corner it fits on. The bars are custom for the width of the car and don’t project past the towers.

(Mark James) #5

Mont Blanc do one that is specific to the X type and bolts into the mounting channel under the little clip covers. I have one and is very sturdy and rigid with the fit fitting the roof also.