Roof trim ( finisher ) info needed

2017 X260 aluminium body. Bought 2nd hand 3 years ago, now has 12,000km on the clock.
There are two ( in Jaguar parlance ) “finishers”, one each side of the roof.
These are the long mouldings from front to back just above the doors.
They are actually aluminium extrusions bent to the shape of the roof.
One of mine just popped off one day with a loud bang while driving in heavy traffic at 40kmh.
No idea what the bang was until I arrived home.
I went back later and no sign of it. I bought a new one for AUD318 ( about USD200 ) and a 3 can paint match kit for AUD90.
I have the 12,700 page pdf workshop manual. For the life of me I cannot find any reference to this item if I search by “finisher” or “roof”. The spare finisher kit came with 2 different rubber extrusions which fit along the finisher, plus the 9 plastic roof clips, plus a number of small rubber and foam odds and sods.
Once painted I would like to see an illustration of the location of the odds and sods. You can bet I do not want to remove the intact finisher on the other side to check it out.

Anybody have any info on this, much appreciated.

I looked in my manual as well (X250) and I believe the manual refers to them as roof moldings. However, like you, I found no section of the manual that actually details their removal or installation. The little bit I did find was included in the section for removing the roof skin.

Thanks for reply Brett.
The manual had a lot of detail about removing and fitting various roof body panels, but as you say nothing about what I would call mouldings ( as you called them too ) but Jaguar calls a finisher as a spares part.

I did call Jaguar Australia and asked to talk to somebody with engineering knowledge. I am baffled why that finisher popped off and if it might be valuable feedback for them. Sorry, not allowed to talk to anybody, you must contact a dealer. I doubt the dealer will know any more than me as to why it happened, and I doubt they have ever needed to fit one on an X260.

Still, maybe Jaguar would like to know that item is missing from their very comprehensive 12,700 page workshop manual. So, how can you tell them ?

Richard, its definitely not the only thing missing from their workshop manual. Despite it being so lengthy, there are actually quite a few things not covered within it. I don’t know it for a fact, but I can’t imagine its the same manual a dealer technician would use if they were working on a car. It would stand to reason the one they use would be much longer and cover things in much greater detail.