Rotate inlet camshaft without timingchain on

(Jarmo Harma) #1

Hi guys.
Ive been an idiot today. Dont ask me why but i did rotate the inlet camshaft with the timingchain off and the exhaust camshaft in Place. I have my 3.8 engine out of the car so i did rotate by hand with the help off a plier. I felt a Little recistance in one position. I rotated a couple of turns until i relized that it was the valves that hit each other. I must have left my brain elsewhere. Have i bent the valves or im lucky. It is free to call me an idiot.


(Paul Wigton) #2

Nope: almost undoubtedly, you bent valves.

Off with its head!

(Robert and Darlene Stevenson) #3

Often if can be hard to see a very slightly bent valve. If the head was mine after removing all valve springs etc I’d put a slight amount of valve seat grinding material on each seat and rotate the valve several times by hand and see if you get a even ring on the valve, if so that valve is good.

(Robin O'Connor) #4

Take the cams off invert the head and fill the chambers with fluid (meths) that’ll soon show any valves that are not seated/bent

(tony) #5

I would possibly be inclined to run a leakdown test if you have the gear, or even a compression test, before taking the head off, depending on what stage of assembly you have the engine at now. A bent valve will show very low to 0 compression

(Jarmo Harma) #6

Hi guys.
Thanks for your posts. The Engine is out off the car so i cant do a compressions test. It had been an easy way to see if the valves are ok. The same day i adjusted the valve clearance. If a valve is bent should it show if i check the clearace again and compare it with my measurements before my stupid mistake ?

(Foggyoo) #7

If the valve is bent there will be greater clearance

(Jarmo Harma) #8

I measured the valve clearance and found that the distance on one exhaust valve was much to big. Head off and found one bent exhaust valve. I can be glad it was just one bent valve. The Valve is replaced and the head is back on the Engine block.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you.