Rough running and restricted performance

(L'homme) #1

A few weeks ago I experienced a restricted performance light and the code said that it was a faulty coil pack. I replaced all of the coils and the car ran well for a couple of days and then I got another restricted performance light and this time the code said that it was because ther was no fire to #3 fuel injector. I took it to my trusty mechanic who said that it was a broken wire. He fixed that and the car ran well for another couple of days and now believe it or not I have another restricted performance light. Before I take the car back for another expensive fix does anyone have any ideas or experience of such events.

(Rob Reilly) #2

What are the code numbers, year and engine?

(L'homme) #3

Hi Bob thanks for replying. The car is an 03 with the 4.2 engine
4 codes

1 P0303 #3 cylinder missfire

2 P1313 no dtc def found

3 P0203 injector circuit open cyl 3

4 P1000 dtc no def found

Thanks Len

(David Jauch) #4

P1000 probably not relevant. P1313 is related to P0303 due to P0203: Either it is in all the wiring from the ECU to the engine or the injector died this time. Maybe -guess- the coil and injector are on the same circuit as in some other cars. If one goes down, the other won’t do anything either. If it was #3 the last time you might want to swap the injector against another random injector and if the code moves, good. If not I wish you the best of luck and hope it turns out to be a flimsy connector.