Routing interior lamp wires - S1 Roadster

How do the interior lamp wires get from the drivers side trunk wall to the bulkhead?

On the picture, the connectors in the harness are on the left side, and there are clips across the bulkhead to the interior light. But how does the wire get behind the hinges? Does it follow the same route as the harness, ie behind the hinge? I hesitate to put a loose wire in that area but can’t really see an alternative. I suppose I could zip tie it to the harness. I guess what I don’t understand here is that if it does follow the harness route, why didn’t they make the drop in a more logical place?

John North
1967 S1 Roadster

I don’t think this is the best solution, but mine has a single wire draped through the hinge and on to the light.

Check the other connector you show. If it is green with brown tracer, it would be your reverse light. That is the lower individual wire in the photo. Cleverly painted white to disguise it’s true function.

Actually the other connector is a ground for the Interior light. Is your lamp grounded at the fixture or do you have a B wire also.

My old loom reverse lamp was wired like yours with a G/N wire run outside the harness all the way down the left side. The new loom I bought had this wire integrated in the harness and it exits in the same place as the rear lights. But since you brought that up, how did you run this wire to the reverse lamp? Just drape it across the trunk floor? I cannot see any clips or holes related to the route to the reverse light…

John North
S1 Roadster

The reverse lamp G/N wire runs across the back bulkhead of the boot, held by two spring clips. A ground wire is picked up at a screw in the back corner of the boot.


BD25771 (?)

Thanks Wayne, I am missing those clips, looks like one is mounted on the license plate hole but the other seems fixed. Doesn’t look like a spot weld. I will find something.

Tanks again


Not seen that type of connector before….ops just realised its a screw :joy:

Just found one of the clips from the pics.