Rubber Air Cleaner to Carburettor Plenum Joiner Seal C16486

(Timothy M Fox) #1


This may well have been discussed before but would someone please let me know how to fit the rubber seal between the base of the air cleaner and the carburettor alloy plenum on a MKII with the Coopers air Cleaner? The new rubber seems unnecessarily tight. I was going to drop it boiling water to make it more pliable. Is that a bad idea?



(Ian) #2

Chances are the replacement rubber is not the right size !
Hot water is a good idea , and a little rubber grease should help !

(Tigger) #3

Ken Jenkins (UK) supplies the correct size, or cut a bit of inner tube!

(John Quilter) #4

On my 3.8S the replacement seal was pretty tight but I did make it work. Can’t recall the supplier, it was a few years back.

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #5

Mine’s good - came from SNG.

(Timothy M Fox) #6

Mine came from SNG but thinking about it the one they sent is round and my setup requires an oval rubber ring. Perhaps they sent the wrong part?



(Paul Breen pay palled it) #7

I will post a picture of mine tonight - on and off. Paul

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #8

This is the transition rubber ring on my Mk2. It’s soft rubber and takes any shape. Paul

(Timothy M Fox) #9

Thank you for the photo, Paul.

It became clear that the company I bought the ring from in the UK simply sent me the wrong part. Naturally I assumed it was correct and that I was incapable of working out how to fit it! Thankfully my dignity has been restored. :rofl:

I have ordered the correct part from an Australian supplier and am hoping it will be here tomorrow.

I’ll post a photo of the result and the ring I was first sent for everyone’s amusement.



(Ian) #10

Some air intakes are round !20170810_163450

(Timothy M Fox) #11

Well I have a rubber sealing ring that would suit your air intakes!:wink:

It has been a learning curve, like most things on the cars.

I hope others have been helped?



(Ian) #12

I have HS8 carbs , no room to fit the alloy plenum , have pan cake filters !

( #13

looks just like mine which I bought from SNG several years ago and went on with no problems

(The Jag Man) #14

In actuality an inner tube would work and you would save a bundle.


(wardell) #15

420 on the left S type on the right.

(Timothy M Fox) #16

Here is the issue!

I was sent the incorrect part as I suspected. The correct part went on easily.

Oh well, live and learn.
Thanks for the suggestions.

(wardell) #17

The top sleeve on the photo is for an S type or 420.

(Ian) #18

The top sleeve on the photo is for an S type or 420.

Or 240/340 !