Rubber diaphragm for Trico washer pump now available

I guess a number of you may have had (or probably still have) problems with the Trico washer pump because the rubber diaphragm has deteriorated over 6 decades and is leaking. I did a repair some years ago on basis of a new rubber diaphragm that someone made for himself and had one spare for me.

See here:

I’ve been trying to locate a supplier for these diaphragms for many years. I finally found Keith Ardley of
Mepal, Cambridgeshire, UK (who some of you may know for his Reflector Resilvering Service) who also (had) manufactured these rubber diaphragms for the Trico washers.
His daughter was so kind to put these rubbers now on eBay UK and they are available for a very realistic price (GBP 3,50 a piece).

See here:

So in case you need one or two or more…
You could also use my “how to repair” instructions as provided in the first link…

Bob K.

Hi Bob,

you should have asked, they repaired mine years ago! :slight_smile:

They actually do a great job repairing them, too.