Rubber fender bead? Volkswagen? Bonnet on!

(Larry velk) #1

I’m going to use rubber fender bead. The VW bead is available from
Germany, but it must be 120 or so tatal inches (~ 310 cm). Anyone know what my best bet would be and the individual length of the VW stuff?

(Erica Moss) #2

Is it your plan to disassemble to install it? The VW beading is a strip with a rather pronounced flange that sits inside the whole gap. I have to wonder how easy it would be to just press it in unless your channel is very clear and uniform. I also wonder whether it might make it somewhat more prone to rust as the rubber flange would tend to hold water against the metal flange surfaces and wouldn’t allow for much airflow. The jag bonnet bolts also wouldn’t be in the same place as the molded in cutouts on the strip (probably)

(Larry velk) #3

Bonnet was all apart. Nothing between except paint and the distance washers. I know the gaps won’t work - the reason I thought of the VW stuff is a wild fear of reproduction and otherwise poor aftermarket parts. The VW stuff says “Made in Germany”. I also want a long skirt, which those appear to have. I plan on glueing the bottom edge, not between as I may want to remove it. For occasional use, I’m not too worried about water. I’m very open to other brands of beading, but I’d like a larger diameter and a long skirt. Too fat a skirt would be a problem. When you do something that isn’t “normal”, you plow new fields.

(Eric) #4

Beautiful panel fit/gaps and the wheels look spectacular. The car is really a knockout Can’t offer any help on the beading other than the stuff I’ve seen on line. Still running without it. Will follow your lead.

(Larry velk) #5

Not as good as they might appear.