Rubbish on EBAY

(Terry McGrath) #1

I have to laugh
there is an item on EBAY
noted by the seller as fitting all 3 XK’s 120, 140 and 150 price $20USD
firstly the part noted as “NEW, NEVER USED”. Attaches to back side of boot upholstered cardboard.
The reason it is “NEW, NEVER USED” is that it is a item cut recently by lazer you can still see the burn marks around the edges obviously not using the best quality lazer cutter. The item may be made of stainless steel which would allow you to polish it maybe.
Secondly the xK120 had no such item and the xK140 and 150 ones are different sizes! so whatever is being sold is wrong for an XK120 and maybe incorrect if you have an XK140 or xK150.
Thirdly with good quality lazer cutting it is a $2-3 item!
Caveat emptor as they say!


(Jag-ur) #2

The first rule of eBay… there is one born every day… your job is to find them.


(Paul Wigton) #3

" The seller is the lead-author of the 158-page Jaguar XK120 JCNA Concours Judging Guide and the 300-plus page *Jaguar XK120 Authenticity Reference Guide (All Models)."

Well…technically, the description IS correct: it is new, and it does not appear used.


(Eric Capron) #4

I believe that this is the same seller that is trying to get $200 for an incomplete service manual for a Radiomobile Model 100 radio. $25-30 would be more realistic.


(Rob Reilly) #5

and a reader of this forum…


(Terry McGrath) #6

OK so maybe the seller can word the add more accurately and advise that it is either BD9160 “plate behind spring clip” for an XK140 or the correct part number for XK150 application.
and that the part is made of S/S and can be polished or needs chrome plating.
And that it is not correct for an XK120 maybe it is for very very late cars?


(Nick Saltarelli) #7

“New never used” is the same as “New Old Stock”. “New Reproduction” would be a fairer description. Anyway, if you can afford to pay $20 plus shipping for a repro piece easily made from scrap sheet in 5 minutes then good on you. I’m going to make my own, if indeed I actually need one.

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(Tadek) #8

So, this discussion is worrying me a little as I have just placed a bit of stuff on eBay…
So, any criticism is welcome, of course, but be gentle please… :wink:

Tadek (ysmalkie on ebay)


(Terry McGrath) #9

another item this same seller is selling are these P clamps noted as “WIRING LOOM CLIPS, ONE BAG OF 14 ASSORTED SIZE CLIPS, USED ON MANY JAGUAR CARS” This type is used on no Jaguar car that I have ever come across 1935 to 1975! Hopefully no one will ever use one on an XK!



(Terry McGrath) #10

and another item that does not belong on any XK120 140 or 150 this is noted as “ENGINE GROUND STRAP, FOR JAGUAR XK120, XK140, XK150, CO.2612” I assume the reference to CO.2612 is reference to the actual part number C2612 the terminals on the ends were always a flag terminal ie at right angles to the woven cable and were soldered on not crimped and the correct parts are available.


(Erica Moss) #11

A nice differential is on offer, just missing a “shaft” and has a couple loose “gears”

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(Terry McGrath) #12

a couple of 100 dollars worth ie for crown wheel and pinion looks like its LSD so a bit more. this ratio was fitted to some older XJ6 and XJ12 which had the LSD.


(Geoff Allam) #13

Unfortunately while new old stock is often thought about as meaning original genuine parts. Many ebay vendoes use it to describe any part that has been sitting on the shelf for a while. More than once I have seen ads for new old stock e type body panels where the robey sticker is visible. Ebay is a bit of a mine field. Old does not mean original.

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(phillip keeter) #14

And this is why Ebay is set up for the protection of the buyer, not the scam dick sellers.


(Paul Wigton) #15

Oh, good grief…:disappointed:


(Bernard) #16

While doing research on Ebay for XK120 FHC parts, and after trying hard to ignore the some 300 ads for wheel spacers (that of course will all fit Jaguar XK120, it says right there) I came across this wonderful ad, which to me is the ultimate example of overpriced useless junk commonly found on Ebay. I took the time to research the price of new parts offered in this add and came to the conclusion that one can get everything pictured there new for about $30, a far cry from the $65 before shipping asked for the rubbish shown here offered in “decent used condition”. This being said, Ebay can occasionally be a good source for parts and I love to browse the site where probably over 90% of the stuff is really XK related and the prices are much more realistic. Too bad about these cross ocean shipping charges!


(Terry McGrath) #17

On this basis I am a multi millionaire with the amount of stuff I have like this.
The 2 chrome fittings are of course not jaguar anyway!


(Graham Jordan) #18

Then there is JAG KING.
Am I correct in saying the model and part number on the bottom of this coil don’t match the obvious reproduction sticker that has been attached and that the Sports coil wasn’t black and etc etc.
Not JK’s only dubious listing.


(Bernard) #19

I feel so much better now and relieved to know than this guy has been a Jaguar specialist since 1972! I love the quote “excellent condition as pictured” I am really asking myself the question : does any of that stuff ever sell? Icing on the cake : I was quoted $35.89 for delivery. A real bargain after the $399.99 buy it now price.


(Roger Payne) #20

Its always ‘Buyer Beware’.
This coil is clearly some old used coil, that has been repainted and had a wrong reproduction sticker on it. These coils never had such high quality modern black enamel paint jobs!
Its not even an HS12 model coil, let alone a 406996 Sports Coil.
Who knows if it even works or not.
Hasn’t even bothered to try and recover/polish the black bakelite end-cap/terminal post, which looks typically weathered, to try and match the new enamel paint job.

Advertising as NOS is deliberate deception/false advertising, and says something about the ‘Jaguar specialist’ claims.

He does on occasion offer some good items, but you need to make your own judgement whether they are accurately described/declared or not - as with all eBay vendors.

But this subject theme could go on and on - eBay is simply not a reliable/honest market place!

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