Running engine with one head removed

Wow, saw this, a Ford V8 running with one head removed.
Wish we could try this on our V12 HE!? Too bad our valves are overhead cam.


What is amazing is actually how little difference there is between the Model T and the Ford V8 engine…!

By design: much of the idea was just “veeing” two A engines to make an eight!

Setting valve clearances on the V8, however…was even MORE difficult to do!

It must be for sure!

Thank god it’s not a 4-valve engine…

Nearest I got was disconnecting one of the link rods from the throttle capstan on a carbureted V-12 E-Type. My friend had only driven 6-cyl Es and we arranged for him to try my 12 but before I got there I unclipped the rod, which left one bank on idle while other did the work.

He lived in a medium-sized town, so he was driving around at low speeds and I was asking him how did it feel and he said it was nice.

So eventually I said to try it out of town… When we got out to the country roads I told him to pull over for a second as I wanted to adjust something - i.e. clip the rod back onto the capstan in an instant and close the hood.

We set off again and he asked me what I’d done? I told him he’d passed the entrance exam and now I was giving him all 12 cylinders to play with :slight_smile: