Rust chrome bumpers

Hola amigos…On some parts I see a rust chrome…Is possible restore a rustic chrome…on the store selling paint chrome…but I know not it’s the same…and I see a little black metal parts…or maybe need to get a some painter…

Not entirely sure what you’re thinking, but in my experience, there is nothing like chrome that you can spray on.


Not sure either what you mean, but yes, a lot of careful rubbing with Autosol or similar chrome polish paste can turn wire wheels and bumpers etc that have surface rust spots quite nice looking, as long as the rust isn’t so bad that the very thin chrome surface has stsrted to peel.


Don’t try chrome paint.
I rubbed mine with fine steel wool and oil, then a cloth and sealed everything with a coat of wax. Polish will work too. Chrome is hard and won’t scratch. Live with the rusty spots.

Oh, it can and will scratch!

I never use steel wool on chrome, but brass wool: it cleans off gunge, but being softer than the chrome, wont scratch it.

Not in my case it didn’t, well if you say so, brass wool is better!

You may have used OOOO wool (“four aught”), which will not readily scratch chrome:,coarser wool, such as found in steel soap pads, does.

Use a polishing compound, on a soft wool buffing wheel, and you’ll likely see it work out the fine scratches that steel can put on it.

That’s what I meant by fine wool and oil, and of course not using excessive force. I wouldn’t take a sledge hammer to hang up a picture would I.
I might try the compound one day since mine always were a little scratched, but if they catch on the pitting it’s a bad day.

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I dunno… big, brute German that you are…:grinning:

:grinning:Yes…I’m trying with 0000 wool it’s work fine …but in the peeling chrome don’t work…I would use a medium o little more coarse wool…but I don’t… maybe become worse chrome…

Thanks Davidaxj6😀

Don’t laugh but there is an old trick to get rid of mild rust. Spray with water and rub with aluminum foil. The aluminum reacts with the iron oxide and friction heat. This causes an exothermal reaction converting the iron oxide to aluminum oxide. Thermite uses the same reaction only with aluminum and iron oxide powders.
Pat H

Hello Pat - would one use the “shiny” side, or the “non-shiny” side of the aluminum foil for the method you suggest to remove rust - also, would the aluminum foil scratch the chrome finish on a bumper when using the foil to remove the rust spots - thanks - Tex Terry, II - 1991 XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 1/15/2021 1411hrs. EST USA.

Pat_…you are right some time I used the aluminium foil…but You have to be careful because it can leave gray stains…sometimes … it could be the quality of the aluminum …maybe…but if I have used it and it works well … but I go more to wool fine with w40 … it works super good

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Either side. No, al-you-mini-um is soft compared to steel wool. I would certainly give it a try.
Pat H

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Thanks, Pat - I will try it/

When restoring my 62 XKE and 64 Mark 2, I applied POR15 behind the bumper after sanding off the rust. It’s been15 years, and the backside is still like the day I applied it! Simply effective with no long thesis on how to keep the bumpers like new!


To improve old chrome, I’ve used an old product called NEVR-DULL. It’s a non-metallic wadding, possibly actually coarse sheep’s wool, with a bit of oil in it. Don’r know if it’s still around.

Old dull chrome has micro-pits on the surface, which this stuff somehow smooths out. The result is a nice patina, depending of course on how bad the chrome was to start with.

Bob Frisby
Boise, Idaho

Still around, cotton wads with something magical, no good on aluminium (just a warning)

Sounds like alchemy , any tips on how to turn lead into gold :grin: ?

Sell it :confused: but alu foil does work! Don’t like it though… personally. In a pinch yes.