Rust convertor that 'seems' really good

OK Boys and Girls I recently had a project where I needed to clean my driveway concrete and reading the product label it stated that it does metal as well and as I own jaguars I am used to rust !!!

attached in order are pictures that were taken approximately 2 to 3 minutes apart and do not after the third picture I gave the metal a second coat and the final picture I wiped with a rag.

This was surface rust I do not know how it would work on heavy rust.

The product was cheap and I bought it from Home Depot.

Hope this is of interest and please share on other forums.

Gary (alley ass Jagvette)


The main “working” ingredient is phosphoric acid. In the marine industry it’s called Ospho which because it’s a marine product is 3-5 times as expensive. I’ve used that cement prep for years. It works great on heavy rust if you wire brush it first and occasionally brush it while it’s “bathing”.

Yep: it even states that, en Espanol!



I need some of that for my trusty Toyota hi lux pick up! About to hit 300k but back axle press fitted pan is rotting out. It’s leaks. SWMBO is not happy, I’m band from our new drive!

JB Weld, mate! Drain it, clean it, rough it up with 36 grit grinding wheel, epoxy it!

I’ve tried that mate. About six times. I’ve hit it with thinners, brake cleaner everything. Just can’t seem to get good adhesion I’ve slowed the leak down but can’t seem to stop it totally.
Think ultimately it would be an axle change.
I’m amazed they were designed like that! A bolted on plate would’ve been much better.
Other than this and a few tin worm spots it’s still a cracking tool.

I’m scared to put a grinding disc on it as think it’s pretty thin! The inevitable axle out will happen one day!

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Yea: press-in pumkins seem kinda odd, but Ive never heard of one rusting out.

Try living in the UK mate! The copious amount of road salt over here in winter, plus previous owner only did regular oil changes and MOT work on it. At least he did the oil changes.
I keep getting asked by people tell sell it to them at garages, pub car parks, supermarkets.
It looks a bit tired but it’s really reliable and doesn’t use oil.

Try heating it red to burn off any oils, then sand it with 60 grit an brush on two coats of POR 15. Worked like a charm on the rusted bottom of a AC compressor on my boat. It had been sitting in salt drips and condensation for ten years. Now it’s still holding the oil in three years later.