Rusty bulkhead repair

Just been looking at an X300 and while the car is solid and has (amazingly) never been welded and there is generally no rust apart from a couple of bits on the bodywork, it does have this hole on the bulkhead, right behind the engine… how difficult is it to be repaired, due to lack of space and the fact that there is foam behind? The car is bone dry inside, dry carpet no smell of damp either.

Stay FAR. FAR away…
Look these cars were bullet proof new…
Mine did 175,000 miles in 5 years and never went in a garage and the paint was flawless
The old girl sat under the titanic
Run don’t walk

Maybe a bit harsh. I think this was cause by rain getting in the windscreen.

What’s the mot history? Any rust advisories? If not might be localised. I would knock off £600 though if I were you…

The mot history only mentions surface rust on the floor plans a couple of occasions a few years ago.
Everything underneath is rock solid, no flaky rust and has never welded.
Two scabs, one above the rear quarter light and another at the bottom corner of the rear window.
My concern of that rust on the bulkhead is about the ease of repair as it looks like an engine and dash out job.
I like the car, as it’s mechanically spot on and the other repair it needs is a new air con condenser as the bracket rusted, the condenser dropped and split the pipe that connects to it.
I’ll try and see if I can knock down the price.

Yes you are probably right about the top scuttle rust. May need windscreen out too. How much are they asking for it?

The bracket rusted off?
Your call but …
A mint car is 10 grand Maybe
A beater is 1,500
I love the x300 more than many
Check the sun roof I have a bad feeling the drains are plugged

£1500, but I wouldn’t pay that after I looked at the car today.
It’s a base spec though, with wheel covers and part leather seats, but in an unusual blueish grey colour. It’s a 95 car in Westminster blue and initially belonged to Dorset Police as the superintendents car where it did most of its miles.
Two door capings need replacement mas ABS light comes on occasionally according to the owner.
Top shock mounts need replacing.
And I think it’s about it.
Not bothered about base spec as it’s a good excuse to spend my time to upgrade it.

This one doesn’t have a sunroof.
Anyway, I’m giving this one a miss and continue my search

Smart move…

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