S type 2006 auto 3l

I need the bushes replacing on the rear upper and lower arms. My mechanic has suggested getting the arms too… what are your views??
Many thanks

Jaguar never sold bushings for the rear control arms separately. They are available from aftermarket suppliers it seems.

It depends on the labor cost of pressing the old bushes out and fitting new ones. If aftermarket parts are being fitted, the cost of new aftermarket arms might be cheaper than the labor and trouble of replacing the old bushings.

So that may be something to ask about. Pressing bushings in would most likely be cheaper than getting genuine OEM arms, but then aftermarket arms also come with aftermarket bushings too.

If there is little cost difference and you like your mechanic, do them a favor and just go for the new aftermarket arms. Less work for the mechanic, and fewer tasks that could go wrong.


I think the arms are the same as the Lincoln town car? Might pay to get your mechanic to do a cross reference, there might be a price difference.

Thank you. That was my line of thinking.
And ill not need to worry again for a while.

Thanks for the tip but I live in Wales UK. But ill shop around.

Try rockauto in the states they deliver to NZ so should do the same for the UK.

OK. I’ll look them up.