S type door light switch locations?

(Niels Kastor) #1

So I am finally installing the wiring harness in the (now freshly painted bare metal respray) 1966 S type, and I can’t find any reference in either the parts manual or workshop manual as to the location of the interior lighting door “pin type” switches. It seems the front doors have them in the hinges (upper or lower?) and the rear doors in the B post?
If someone could take a look at their car and let me know where these go that would be very helpful…


(Robin O'Connor) #2

The fronts are in the lower hinges, I know because I took the front r/h door off and now I can see the pigtail for the switch but have yet figured out how I can get the switch back in :frowning:

(Andrew Waugh) #3

Here’s the front:

And the rear:

(Niels Kastor) #4

Thanks a bunch, that helps…
BTW, Robin, the bullet connector on the wire is plugged right into the back of the switch.
Just pull it out, feed the wire through the hole, screw the switch into the hinge until tight (it is a body ground contact so it must conduct) and plug it back in.
If you can’t access the back, try to wind it in the opposite direction after plugging it in so that it it unwinds to straight when fully screwed in.
I am thinking chasing the threads may help make good contact, or a very thin inner star washer…

(Robin O'Connor) #5

Thanks Niels, it just seems to me that the threads have disappeared, at present its a moot point as it looks like the door is coming off again as I have taken the drivers wing paint/bog off to do some repairs.