S type engine water pipe set needed

I am looking for an OEM set of engine water pipes (the full set) being sold under the part No. HTP7SS. All available aftermarket kits are not the correct shape so if i can get hold of a set i can have them re manufactured to OEM spec. If you have a set please let me know. These can be borrowed and returned to you with a nice new set of stainless steel ones FOC or purchased from you.

I’d love to help, but have only 3 of the 4 pipes as listed below.

C.22677 feed pipe from hose (at end of water manifold) to vacuum valve
C.22582 rear return pipe from elbow hose to front return pipe
C.22656 front return pipe at r.h. side of cylinder block

Missing from my car is C.22695 feed pipe from vacuum valve to water radiator (heater core).