S type from the emperor

Just bought a 2006 S type from Japan . One obvious difference to UK spec is that the Speedo reads in km per hour . That’s not a problem , but I wonder what other differences there are likely to be . It seems that the model is an se , the dealer couldn’t tell us anything more . Has this a timing belt or chain ? All the books and documents are naturally , in Japanese , and it would be useful to have English copies , are these available ? We have also been unsuccessful in getting the sat nav and radio to work , is a code required ? And is a CD required to set up the TV ? And where is the Ariel , without which nothing will work

The engines are chain driven so no worries there, I think the aerial is integral I have just had my Jap X type radio locations unlocked by a local workshop who has the reader to look deeper into the circuits. I could bring up the different locales by pushing some of the buttons, but the selections were locked out Google/YouTube is your friend here to start with.
Regarding the Sat Nav there should be a disc drive in the boot but its easier to use your phone, the maps apps are more up to date, can’t help with the TV.


Not sure I would worry too much about the radio unless it’s multi-market. Japanese frequencies are different to ours. They go from 76-95MHz, we go from 87.5 to 108MHz. If you get it unlocked, you will be able to tune up to 95MHz but your likely to be missing the top half of the FM band. It should work on the lower half because the channel spacing and de-emphasis are the same here as Japan but I think I’d look for a used one and make sure you get the code.
On the early cars the Navigation antenna is under the trim on the rear parcel shelf. Don’t know about your MY. The radio aerial on my car is built into rear screen as is the phone antenna.

Thanks for the info guys , we will try to get the satnav going , it would be nice to have a big screen .