S type key fob not programmeing

(gunn) #1

Hello, i have a s type jaguar 3.0 2004, i have a problem with my key fob, been told the fob is fine, i got a professional key fob pragramme to programme my fob to the car, but there was a fault some were else so this could not be done, any body out there had same problem or know were the fault can be, cannot open or lock my doors with it, can open all doors with the key, then time delay before alarm goes of, any help out there doing my head in now

cheers keith

(Eric Capron) #2

Hi Keith,

I’m not completely sure what you are trying to achieve but I assume that this is an extra fob for your vehicle. (You have not said whether you have one working key and are trying to add a second one).
Personally, I use the IDS software with a Mongoose and can tell you a little bit about this. My understanding is that there is a maximum number of fobs and also transponders that can be programmed for the vehicle. It may be two or possibly three.
It is possible that your vehicle is already programmed for the maximum number even if all the fobs and transponders are not in your possession. If this is the case you may have to delete all the existing ones and re-programme the ones that you have together in one go. I have not done this personally, it is just a theory based on what I see in my version of the IDS for my car which is a 200MY.
If you have a local Jaguar dealer you might be able to get them to share their knowledge with you to see if this is right. I don’t think I would delete any keys until I was sure but this might explain why you can’t programme the fob that you have.

Shropshire, UK

(gunn) #3

Hi Eric, thanks for your reply, i have two fobs and none of them worked when i brought the car, so replaced the batteries to no avail, so i got a mobile key programmer to have a look, he say the fob are transmiting but so he tried to programme them to the car through is equipment/diagnostic machine, but could not do it, so he was telling me there was a fault some were else on the car, so i’m lost don’t no were to go from here.

thanks keith

(Eric Capron) #4

Hi Keith,
I think if you want to programme the fobs yourself you will need to have access to a system that connects the Jaguar IDS or a clone of it to the car. For example Mongoose or iCarsoft. These give you the same facilities that the franchised dealers have but their systems are online and so update automatically whereas what you can get as an individual is a snapshot of the system. Providing you can connect it to your OBD II port, (by means of the Mongoose etc.) the software is inexpensive to buy although I am not entirely sure of its copyright status. The programmes are quite large (6-8GB) and need a reasonable laptop to run them and they are also a bit fiddly but they do open the gateway to a lot of interesting things that the dealers can do. For your car you will need IDS 131 but this won’t work with older cars which need the legacy version (IDS128 is that latest that works).

Using the key to lock and unlock the car is a real pain as, as soon as you unlock the door the countdown chimes start and you have a few seconds to put the key the ignition before the horn starts up.

If you don’t want to go to this bother it’s probably worth the expense of going to a franchised dealer and paying them to code the keys to the car just so that you can drive it and enjoy it properly.


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thanks again Eric, i had a professional who programme keys thats is job for a living, and he could not programme my two fobs to the car even tried a new fob that didn’t work eaither, so thats why asking to see if there is any modules or ecu i can change, electrics are a pain when they go wrong. i rang jaguar up charge £140 a hour plus VAT & parts, stupid money what they charge.

cheers keith

(Eric Capron) #6

Hi Keith

In what area are you located? There may be a non-franchised Jaguar specialist near you.


(gunn) #7

Hi Eric

I’m in ILKESTON DERBYSHIRE, UK, there is a couple of jaguar specialist around rung a couple up but they don’t seem to want to tell you any think, or advise. you on any think

cheers keith

(Eric Capron) #8

Hi Keith,

You are ideally placed to visit the Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club technical advisor. His name is David Marks and he runs David Marks Garages which are in Nottingham, less than ten miles from you. If he can’t help, no one can. If you Google David Marks Garages you’ll find it.

Thinking about the problem overnight, it has occurred to me that since you have never had either of the fobs working the problem may not be in the fobs at all but in either the Remote Keyless Entry Module or the Driver Door Control Module which are both located in the driver’s door. Mine have gone a bit wireless deaf and I have to hold the fobs right next to the door to get them to work but your might not be working at all.

David Marks will at least be able to scan the car to test these modules.

Let us know if you get any further.


(gunn) #9

Cheers Eric, i used david marks when i had my jaguar x300 and i was looking at is web page yesterday i’m going to have a run over and see him, will let you know what the out come is, cheers keith

(Derek Maddock) #10

Hi guys. I am a newbie on this forum so I hope you don’t mind me adding my “two penny worth”. (I was born in Nottingham). I once own a X-Type and programming a new fob or a battery depleted Fob was easy, all you have to do is google it and it works!!!. I have just purchased a 2003 S-Type with one fob which used manually open the door and the transponder is recognised by the cars detection system, but will not work remotely. The answer I am afraid is it never will unless you go and pay a Dealer to do it.

I have followed just about every forum about this problem. And tried every suggestion they had without success. There has to be a time when you “bite the bullet” and pay them if you want a working remote.

Unless you know different? .If you do let me know please I still have two more remotes to program.

(Eric Capron) #11

There are various methods described for programming fobs on the internet. These suggest flashing the headlamp flasher or switching the ignition on and off repeatedly. None of these methods worked for my 2000 S Type or my 1997 XK8 neither of which would go into the learning mode.

I came to the conclusion that many UK models do not respond to this method. The Jaguar IDS software is the only way I have of accessing the fobs at present.

The difficulty in all this lies in that it isn’t easy to test the fob. I have a tester but I have to hold the fob right against it to get it to indicate with a known good fob so there isn’t any way of telling if the fob is transmitting at the correct power or whether the problem lies in the Keyless Entry Module, its antenna of the wiring.


(Derek Maddock) #12

I love my car so yes I am a Jag-lover but I’m not a Jaguar lover. I have tried to get a replacement key or a get them to clone my existing key but have had no reply from the local Jaguar Main Dealer in Swansea. I have tried phoning them and even sent the “Principle” an Email. I wonder what would happen if I wanted to buy a new Car from them?

(Harry) #13

Hi all,

I have excatly the same problem that Keith has - only I have just one key & fob. The fob has been tested to transmit ok, and I can open the doors ok manually (all work well at the same time).
Local Jag dealer (Finland) wants sell me a new fob & key, as they don’t seem to be able to pinpoint the actual problem. And still, they are not sure if the other remote fob will work at all.
Any suggestions, as the new fob would set back about 320 pounds (close to 400 euros)? Should I look for fault in the driver’s door insides, i.e. possibly remote keyless entry module? Does anyone know if it is difficult to access? Can it be tested while still in situ?


Harry, Finland

(Harry) #14

And of course, this is an 04 S-Type 4.2. Also, tried to self-programming (2 diff methods), the car does not respond to those “commands”.


(Eric Capron) #15

The electrical guide says that the Remote Keyless Entry Module is under the central console. The Driver’s Door Control Module is in the driver’s door.

A scan may reveal a fault with one of these modules but don’t hold your breath. Just because there is no fault code doesn’t mean that the wireless part is working. The RKEM outputs data to the DDCM. You would have to access the module and use an oscilloscope to see if there was data present when you press buttons on the fob. If you can do that, it will help to pin the fault down. It sounds like your local dealer doesn’t want to get too involved and you can understand this since the car is fourteen years old.

It’s disappointing but you probably need to find someone with the right equipment and who is prepared to spend some time on the issue. If you buy a new fob you could part with quite a lot of cash and be no further forward.