S Type lambda sensor fault

Hello i have a 3L S Type jaguar 2004 engine management light came on did test and fault came up as P1646 Bank 1 what side is bank 1 passenger side or driver side, plus which lambda sensor is it with there being two, thanks for any help keith

Passenger or driver’s side it NOT a good way to identify component locations!!!
What driver’s side???

British??, North America??? Jaguar produces both RHD and LHD cars.

The ‘A’ bank or Bank 1 is the RIGHT bank. The forward most cylinder is #1 (right front).

Some info for you.

P2003MY_X202.pdf (165.1 KB)
AJ3X_AJ6X_AJ8X_EMS_OBDII_2005MY.pdf (1.1 MB)


Thanks for you reply, British model i’ve got right hand drive, so bank 1 will be driver side then ? cheers