S-Type Rear Valance - How many layers?


I was about to take my fuel tanks out from my jaguar S-Type. I noticed that there is not much room left to get the tanks out, mainly due to the lack of space taken by the rear valance. I noticed two layer of metal (see picture), and I was wondering if all of this is standard or perhaps one of the previous owners mistakenly welded one on top of the other.

Therefore I have to following inquiries

  1. Does the rear valances of an S-Type/420 consist of one or two layers of metal ?
  2. Does someone has experence with replacing them ?
    (How is / are they welded, from below or within)
  3. How easy it typically is to get the petrol tank out, as right now it seems I have no space left to rotate the tank properly to get it out without using the grinder.

Jos / Netherlands

It appears that the outboard corner piece of your valance is not stock and has been pop riveted in place. This photo shows the same area on my unaltered S Type. The valance is all one piece from LH side to RH side with half moon cut outs for the tail pipes. Photo is the LH side.


Hi John,

Thanks for your feedback and taking the effort of making a picture.
This confirms my suspicion of being the root cause not getting the fuel tanks out as well.
Now I have to make up my mind up on what to do with it.


And to answer your 1st question, there should only be one layer of the valance panel.
Good luck!