S-type right rear light

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Hi Guys

Hope someone could help me…

my s-type 2002 2.5 v6 has a right tail light issue
the right signal is dimmed flashing with the reverse light on the right side also plate light is flashing and left-hand signal the reverse light on the right hand, when car reverse is not working when took the bulb of
the reverse out all flashing lights stopped but still no right signal

have checked the fuse changed the rear ECM got the same issue
on the rear light RHS the cluster connector I tested found that pins 1, 4 and 6 has volts of 11.30…
of the LHS I have checked found only 2 PINS 2, 6 on the connector has volts of 11.30 (All works fine)

Iḿ really confused the diagram of 2002.5 mentions that only 2 pins on each side should come from some relays …


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Hi Mag,

I’m not completely sure I understand your description of the problem but the nature of the fault points to a grounding issue. All the rear lights seem to go to a single ground CA156 which the electrical guide says is on the right hand side of the luggage compartment. There should be five black wires going to a single ground. I would check to make sure there is a good clean ground there.

Shropshire, UK

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Hi Eric

Thank you for the prompt reply
My issue is right signal and right reverse are not working when signal right both of them became dimmed and blinking also the left hand indecator start blinking hope this clear.

I have checked that and CA156 is very clean no rust at all completly sleeved to the end , connector CA68 (7pins) I have cheched that with the multimeter found 3 pins has 11… volts
pin 2 has no volts is this normal , accroding to the guide pin 2, and 6 only should have volts

from where shall I start looking.

Thank you

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Looking at the wiring diagram, you are correct in saying pin 2 should have power. If your car is pre face-lift (Jaguar badge on bonnet rather that part of grille) the power comes from fuse 2. If post facelift (ie 2002.5 which you mentioned above) the power comes from fuse 48. I think as yours is a 2.5 it must be post facelift so please check to see if you have power on both sides of fuse 48.


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I have checked all that I have also swapped the 4 relay providing power to left and right rear lights no joy

I wondering why pins 1,4 and 6 has power which left side power on pin 2 and 6 as the guide mentions

itś 2002 March badge on the grill , Any suggestions will be great.

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Hi Eric

I was wrong second pin has power which is going to tail light which is ok no issue
pin no 6 has no power which is going to indicator and reverse
I.e pins 2, 4 7 has 11… volts any idea what could causing that issue


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I’m really confused now. The diagram I am looking at shows pin 6 of CA68 going to the Stop, Tail & Fog Lights. Pin 2 is for the Turn Signal and Reversing Light.

So, perhaps it’s worth double checking the status of these two pins. If you have power here, then providing the bulbs are good you will see 11 to 12 volts on pins 1, 3,4,5,& 7 when the lamps are NOT illuminated. Close to zero volts when they are lit, of course.
The RECM simply provides an appropriate path to ground by decoding the signals it sees on the SCP bus. This path to ground is via the five black wires coming from CA102 & CA103 on the RECM. Since you have already replaced the RECM, if you have the supply volts to the lamp unit, there must be something wrong with the lamp unit itself, (worth checking for corrosion) or the wiring either between the lamp unit and the RECM or between the RECM and ground. I don’t see what else could cause this trouble.


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Hi Eric

Thank you for your help

Finally I got the reason… pin 2 has an issue and no power on that pin, when I have checked that I should disconnect the left-hand connector to tail light to get the right pin assignment on the right connector, when disconnected only power was present on pin 6 I have a bridge between 6 & 2 all works fine,

Now another question where is that power cut layin fuse 48 is OK ?? Is it OK to bridge these 2 wires??



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Glad you found the trouble.
Fuse 48 is in the Rear Power Distribution Box. It’s at the ‘pointed end’ , in the second row of fuses, third from right. Should be 10A