[s-type] Slight knock under car ,Broken exhaust mounting!

I noticed the other day that my s type had a very slight knock
underneath (like an exhaust knock)on start up and sometimes on shut
today I decided to investigate and discovered that the rear left
hand (as you look at the rear of the car )above the tail pipe,
exhaust mounting had become detached from the chassis and was
hanging on the box section
not a problem you would have thought but the rear exhaust bracket
is actually bolted to the chassis (not welded like most cars )and
the edge of the box section has fractured not rusted leaving all
bolts ,chassis attached to the exhaust bracket but totally detached
from the car .
Has anybody else had this problem,if so how was it rectified ?
Is there a repair kit that jaguar make to repair the box section by
bolting on a plate to existing holes in the box section.
I can’t be the first person this has happened to.
worse comes to worse I’ll make my own bracket the problem I can
foresee is undoing the rear silencer or removing the rear bumper
neither of these jobs I have done on an S type so any advice would
be gratefully recieved.
as you look at the rear of the car you can hardly tell that there
is someting wrong the lefthand tail pipe has dropped about 3/4 ‘’ it
looks like it has been like it for quite some time.
I’m also a bit peeved as I have a new computer and my JTIS disc
wont load up !!!
Happy S Typing :-)–
1999 S Type 3.0 SE auto
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