S1 3.8 Glove box question

I am installing a new glove box liner in my S1 3.8 '64 E-type. I’m not sure how to attach the bottom part of the liner to the fascia panel. I’ve learned that on a '63 E-type the bottom is riveted to the fascia. In the Jaguar Spares Catalogue it lists self-tapping screws going into spire (U) nuts and distance pieces. I can’t imagine you would want the sharp ends of the screws exposed inside the glove box. I would appreciate some help.


I see what you are referring to in the Spares catalog but in the three interiors I’ve installed (my '63 FHC, a 67 FHC and a 65 FHC) on all three I used split rivets on the bottom that SNGB and XKS Unlimited sold as for this purpose. They are used with a distance piece and retaining washer inside the glove box where the split rivets are flattened down. To feel them one would need to purposely bend your finger under the front edge of the fascia which is sort of a rolled edge, so it’s not a place you’re likely to place your hand when using the glove box.

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Hi John,

I guess I’ll drill holes and use the rivets then. I can’t imagine how the old one was held in. Can you describe the distance pieces so I can make some?


They were just small thick washers. You can use two or plastic or whatever it takes to make the space up between the metal fascia and the cardboard box. You want it tight to the upper rim to it’s clean looking.

Hi John,

I found those rivets in the Moss catalog as parts for the 4.2. Not sure why they didn’t list them for all Series 1 cars. I’ll just shim as you suggested. I’m trying to put the window frames in the car now, and from what I read in the repair manual I should install the outer window seals first.

In the manual it refers to screws and washers retaining the closing strip. I’m not sure what the closing strip is. See below:

Then they talk about five screws and outer seal retaining strip. In my rubber kit I have seals that I believe are each held in place by 7 clips at the top of the door, but I don’t know what the retaining strip is. See below:

I’m getting confused here. If you can straighten me out I’d appreciate it.


The exterior and interior door window glass seals/scrapers are held on with spring clips. Maybe in the first cars they used screws?

Al, I happen to have my unaltered '63 FHC glove box sitting on a shelf at the moment. Tell me where you’d like to se photos and I’ll take them if you want.

Hi Scot,

Actually, I just need to know how the bottom of yours was attached to the dash panel. I’m am told rivets and spacers, but there are no holes in the bottom lip of my dash, so I don’t know how it was attached originally. The original box was missing when I bought the car. Mine is a '64.


Al, been out of pocket a few days. I’ll take a look and see if I can discern how it was mounted.

Our 63 FHC 888243 with original interior has no rivets or screws on the lower leading edge of the glove box.
The glove box simply sits above the rim of the lower dash.

Al, so sorry this has taken me so long to answer. I’ve been mostly under the car the past week. To answer your question depends on what you mean by the glove box. Do you mean the actual box itself or the entire assembly that forms the whole right side of the dash panel. I’ll do both.
The glove box is not supported by any attaching point underneath it or on its back. Here is the glove box (the whole panel) and where it fits in the my car, a '63 FHC 887030. As far as I can tell my glove box is original.

The attachment of the entire glove box face (the dash panel) is on its left side via a bracket that is secured on its left to the partition of the fuse area, and by two bolts on the right side fitting into a dedicated bracket fixed to the car body and, of course, this makes the entire front of the glove box to be metal. The actual glove box itself inserts into this metal facing from the rear and is attached to it at the front bottom with two screws and at the top by slipping under a metal bar. That metal bar is fixed to the front facing with 2 nuts on small threaded studs. There is no attachment of the actual box at its rear. Pictures tell the story I hope.

Uploading: P1090317.JPG… Uploading: P1090318.JPG… Uploading: P1090319.JPG… Uploading: P1090320.JPG… Uploading: P1090321.JPG…

Hmmm the website has stopped uploading some of the pics and logged me out. I’ll load them again

*Jim63EType if you have '63 coupe, I’d sure like to see pics of it as I’m putting mine together, but I did not take it apart. Little details have been a challenge.

Scot and Al,
I believe that Scot’s photos show the exact items I am referring to see attached photo…Glove Box Rivets

The lower edge of my glove box is held in place with two split rivets. Attached is an exterior and in interior photo.


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The lower edge of my glove box is held in place with two split rivets.
Exactly! That’s what I was saying at the top of this thread.

Well then, you’ve all given me something else to correct. The two fasteners in my photos are actually screws. But those rivets look like what you can buy at an office supply store!

Thanks, the picture helps.

Hi Scott, my car 887425 is exactly as your pictures, with screws up from below also. This is also what the parts manual records I believe, self tapping screws? Also attaches under panel on this edge.

Very nice car Dave! Now I’m jealous. If you have restoration photos, perhaps you can send me a link?
You are right per the parts manual. The cubby box is BD.19698, the 3 self-tapping screws at the bottom are BD.1229/16 and they have Distance Pieces on them, C1094, secured by Spire Nuts, BD.20633/1.
I’ll have to look at my Fascia and Cubby Box to see why I have just 2 screws. The shiny one I put in, but perhaps the other is original and that means there is one missing.
Just when did Jaguar switch to the rivets?

With my curiosity aroused, I took the cubby box out of the fascia to inspect the bottom holes and screws. Here’s what I found: the 2 screws and their nuts holding the bottom edge of my cubby are not original. Indeed, they are quite large compared to the factory holes. The large holes, with green arrows, are from a previous owner. Next to those holes are two small holes, marked with red arrows. I believe those to be the factory mounting holes. Interestingly, on the inside of the fascia, through the metal only (not the vinyl) is a 3rd hole in the center. That hole, marked in blue, was never used. But there is evidence the outer 2 small holes were used. Looking closely at the blue arrow on the outside picture, there is no hole through the vinyl. You’ll have to draw your own conclusions.

It would be great if Jim could take a pic from underneath the front edge of his fascia as his car was bought as a 2nd owner in 1968 by a family member.

I’m surprised that I have no holes. I’ve obtained the two split rivets John mentioned, so problem solved.