S1 4.2 OTS Wiring Harness Routing?

Does anyone have photos or diagrams showing the routing of the wiring harnesses of an E Type? Soon, I hope, my car will be coming back from the painter and I will be wiring it. I have all the schematics that I need so making the electrical connections should not be that hard.

Dave Christensen

This should help.

If you purchse Dick Maurys restoration CD I have found it shows quite a bit of wiring routing.


Also Jerry Moutons website has some great photo documentation


Dave, where I think you will be baffled to some degree is that the wiring is not all “home run” routing. Especially at the two outer ends of the dash board, there are some baffling connections. I made my way through it with no problems because I had the Rhode Island Wiring assembly instructions. Unfortunately, those are their intellectural property or I would share them with you.

I have Dick Maury’s CD and will look at Jerry Mouton’s site again. Along with the drawings from James above, one way or another, I should be able to figure it out.

Dave Christensen

Hi Dave,
The routing of the harness is not hard. The issue is getting all the connections correct.
I recently installed a complete harness in my 1968 FHC. The wire harness is still exposed and if you like I can take some photos and send to you (I am traveling for work so it would not be till next week). the only problem I had was that some of the wires on the harness I received were not correct for a series 1.5 coupe making wire connection a bit of a challenge.
good luck.

Hi Bill,
If you can send some pictures of your car that would be helpful. It will be at least two weeks, if I am lucky, before I get my car back so there is no rush. I am trying to get things lined up so I am ready to go when my car comes back.

Dave Christensen

David- I have many photos of the original wiring harness routing on my '68 OTS. I don’t know if there were any/many changes between your '65 and my early '68 but if you have any specific locations that you need photos of I will dig through mine to try to help. There are locations such as where the engine harness goes through the firewall under the voltage regulator that the routing is not obvious, particularly on the interior side. LMK.

I found that using ty wraps until you finish enables easy adjustments as you go.
I had to zig zag positions a few times till it was spot on.
I did not install the goofy pin and strap do dahs till I was 100 % happy.


Doug, if you have pictures of areas that are not obvious that you can send or post that would be great.

Dave Christensen

Here is the odd loop that the factory used to route inside driver’s side footwell:

Other side of that footwell cable in engine compartment:

Routed under dr. side upper frame rail:

Behind center dash panel:

Behind glove box:

Passenger side footwell:

PM me as you go through this if you have any specific areas of concern and I’ll look.


Holey molely! THAT was your car before it became gorgeous??


Just a little polish and elbow grease… :rofl:

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Some green lubricant?